MySQL Installation Process Checklist

MySQL Installation Process Checklist
All DBAs, regardless of experience level, should follow a written process when setting up a new server.  There are just too many steps to neglect doing so and many of the steps you are likely to forget have little to do with MySQL.
Naturally, every company has a different process.  The process we outline below is one we have used in the past and focuses on working through the Change Management process, setting up backups and monitoring, and focusing on good communication with team members and clients as well as ensuring documentation of your work.  Hopefully this article will give you some ideas on implementing your own process document.
Below are the steps we have documented in the past when creating a new installation of MySQL:
Initial Change Management Processes
Edit the ticket and set to Waiting on Customer
Send an email to the requestor with the new database questionnaire document
Once completed questionnaire is received and you are ready to start, set ticket status to “Work in Progress” and save ticket
Perform the MySQL installation as documented in your standards documents
Verify MySQL configuration is accurate and caches, logging, enabled as dictated by SOP
Install database schema as supplied by customer
Create user account(s) for app and any other users with minimal required privileges as requested by customer. Ensure that all passwords comply with your company’s Password Policy
Perform any requested loading of the database utilizing data or process outlined by customer
Test that database is accessible over the network with the created user account(s)
Setup Monitoring
Open the original request in your Change Management system. If this is Production, add a comment to the ticket stating that you are setting up monitoring user account.
Create a monitoring account with minimal privileges such as USAGE and a password conforming to your Password Standards.
Ensure that database monitoring thresholds are properly set in monitoring program
Setup Backups
Add a comment to the ticket stating that you are setting up backups
Once backup disk is mounted, install backup software (if needed), configure it, and perform a test backup to the new backup directory and test email functionality
Verify that the backup appears to be valid
Verify that backups are running as expected daily
Use whatever tool you have at your disposal to test performance of the new server(s).  Tools such as sysbeench, mysqlslap, and more are easily available and configurable
Closing Activities for Change Management
Update Change Management ticket with a summary of what’s been done
Notify the requestor via email that the server is available for testing
Ask customer if it is acceptable to close the ticket
Add the information about the server to your team’s documentation
If customer is okay with doing so, change status of ticket to “Closed” and save the ticket
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MySQL Installation Process Checklist