Grenade Pill Cache

Grenade Pill Cache

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This grenade-shaped aluminum container from edcfans is made for carrying pills, spare cash, matches, or other small items you need to keep dry. Its screw-top lid has a rubber O-ring to seal out moisture and air, and it holds items up to 1.73″ tall x 0.75″ wide. They also make a version that looks like a tiny bomb.

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A Root-Server at the Internet’s Core Lost Touch With Its Peers. We Still Don’t Know Why.

A server maintained by Cogent Communications, one of the 13 root servers crucial to the Internet’s domain name system, fell out of sync with its peers for over four days due to an unexplained glitch. This issue, which could have caused worldwide stability and security problems, was resolved on Wednesday. The root servers store cryptographic keys necessary for authenticating intermediate servers under the DNSSEC mechanism. Inconsistencies in these keys across the 13 servers could lead to an increased risk of attacks such as DNS cache poisoning. Engineers postponed planned updates to the .gov and .int domain name servers’ DNSSEC to use ECDSA cryptographic keys until the situation stabilized. Cogent stated that it became aware of the issue on Tuesday and resolved it within 25 hours. ArsTechnica, which has a great writeup about the incident, adds: Initially, some people speculated that the depeering of Tata Communications, the c-root site outage, and the update errors to the c-root itself were all connected somehow. Given the vagueness of the statement, the relation of those events still isn’t entirely clear.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


Making a DIY Smokeless Fire Pit from Foam and Concrete

Making a DIY Smokeless Fire Pit from Foam and Concrete


Backyard fire pits are great but can blow smoke in your face. After building a smokeless fire pit a few years back, HAXMAN wanted to make a new version for his patio out of concrete. He bent sheets of XPS insulating foam to create two forms, then filled them with concrete. After building the structure, he drilled holes into a metal fire pit ring for ventilation.

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[Prompt] How to Use ChatGPT as a Stock Analyst (DCF)

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Step 1: Visit the Yahoo Finance website of the stock you want to analyze. In my case, it was the NVIDIA and GOOGLE stocks.


Step 2: Take a screenshot of the statistics tab using the screencapture software of your choice. Save everything including the non-visible parts of the page:

Step 3: Paste the screenshot into your ChatGPT (e.g., 4o) prompt and add the following text to the prompt:

Analyze this stock - give me a unique perspective on whether it's overvalued or undervalued assuming a 15% discount rate

Step 4: Wait for the stock analysis and use follow-up prompt — e.g., to find the implicit growth rate of the stock based on the current market cap:

Please figure out the growth assumptions implicit in the market cap assuming a growth period of 10 years and different growth rates until you find the growth rate assumed by the market

In my case, ChatGPT figured out that given my 15% discount rate and a terminal 3% growth after 10 years, the market currently assumes a 42.77% implicit growth rate of free cash flows. Judge for yourself if you find this reasonable!

If you want a more fine-grained qualitative analysis, check out my valuation here:

👉 Valuing $NVIDIA as a Real Estate Company That Sells Housing to AI Agents ($100k/Share in 2034)

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