Portugal Shows The Internet Why Net Neutrality Is Important

So if you’ve followed the debate over net neutrality for much of the last decade, you probably remember images like these, purporting to show what the internet might look like if we let broadband duopolies like AT&T or Comcast dictate internet access pricing structure:

And while these mock ups were tongue in cheek, large ISPs have given every indication that this idea of freedom costing extra isn’t too far from their ideal. And abusing a lack of broadband competition to force users to shell out additional funds to access to the content and services of their choice isn’t too far off of what has already happened, whether we’re talking about AT&T’s decision to block Facetime from working unless users shelled out for more expensive plans, or Verizon’s recent decision to charge users $10 more just to avoid arbitrary video throttling.

In Portugal however, there are no net neutrality rules. And ISPs there have already started taking advantage of it in a way that eerily echoes the warnings net neutrality advocates have been making for years. Lisbon-based mobile and fixed broadband provider MEO has been selling broadband service tiers for some time that cap your internet data usage, after which they’re happy to sell you additional buckets of data depending on which types of services you traditionally use:

It’s important to note that capping usage then doling out additional data based on types of content isn’t the same idea as blocking users from accessing parts of the internet unless they pay up, but it’s still detrimental to the health of the internet. As we saw with T-Mobile’s Binge On, these plans are designed to create the illusion of a bargain. But these types of plans not only raise questions about ISP power to dictate which companies and services are whitelisted, but they’re based on a fundamentally incorrect premise that these restrictions are necessary in the first place.

Usage caps and overage fees aren’t based on network or economic realities. They aren’t useful to manage congestion. Their entire function is to creatively drive up costs via arbitrary barriers to entry, after which ISPs convince consumers they’re somehow getting a deal by providing additional data "for free" or "at a discount." ISPs have often falsely tried to equate this as the same thing as 1-800 numbers or free shipping, which is bullshit. All that’s really happening is that internet access is being artificially limited, and users are being forced to pay more money to access the internet as intended.

While people often like to focus on the threat of ISPs blocking access to content, ISPs know that’s a surefire way to earn public scorn. That’s why ISPs have developed a myriad of more creative ways to (ab)use the lack of competition in the space to ill effect, whether that’s imposing arbitrary and unnecessary usage caps and overage fees, exempting an ISPs own services from said caps, or hamstringing competitors elsewhere in the network, as we saw when ISPs began intentionally clogging peering points to drive up costs for streaming competitors and transit operators (interconnection).

With the Trump administration rushing forward with its plan to kill net neutrality here in the States, and a rise in cable’s monopoly over fixed-line broadband, you can expect a whole lot more U.S. broadband pricing and package "creativity" in the not so distant future. That may not involve outright blocking your access to content, but it’s more than likely to involve entirely arbitrary, uncompetitive and harmful limits you’ll be told are somehow necessary and for your own good.

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Portugal Shows The Internet Why Net Neutrality Is Important

Dealmaster: Get a Dell laptop with a Core i5 chip for $550

Staff —

Dealmaster: Get a Dell laptop with a Core i5 chip for $550

Plus deals on 4K TVs, Wi-Fi routers, and more.

Greetings, Arsians! Courtesy of our friends at TechBargains, we have a new round of deals to share. Today’s list is particularly heavy on laptop and TV deals, including a Dell Inspiron 14 with a Core i5 (7th-gen) chip and Nvidia GeForce GPU slashed down to $550.

You can take a peek at the full selection below.

Note: Ars Technica may earn compensation for sales from links on this post through affiliate programs.


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HDTVs and home entertainment

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Dealmaster: Get a Dell laptop with a Core i5 chip for $550

Black Guns Matter Founder Goes Into Philly School To Teach Gun Safety

I’m going to admit it right now. I’m a Maj Toure fan. I love what he’s doing with his group Black Guns Matter, and not just because the name is a nice play on the name of another famous group that most reading here aren’t fans of. He’s doing some good stuff in America’s cities with regard to the Second Amendment, but he’s branched out from his roots of arming the good people in our inner cities.

That’s not all he’s doing, though. He’s also educating about gun safety.

Guns were allowed in a Philadelphia school this week.

Bright orange replicas used for making holsters were sprinkled throughout the classroom at YESPhilly Accelerated High School last week, with Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure leading the way.

Toure is a leader in the gun safety movement, and YESPhilly is a nonprofit educational program where youth who’ve dropped out of school can finish their education and discover their talents and dreams.

“I think that they’re living in communities where there is a lot of gun access, without a lot of information, such as how to hold one,” said YESPhilly principal Taylor Frome. “A lot of students need to learn safety, and there would be less gun-related incidents.”

“I felt as though Black Guns Matter caught my attention and gave me something I wanted to learn about,” said Dymond King, 18. “I needed this information.”

From what started as a license-to-carry drive, Toure’s organization Black Guns Matter is growing like wildfire.

The Justice Week gun workshop took place in between stops on a 13-city, 50-state tour spreading his message.

Obviously, one of the core things taught was for people to keep their booger hooks off the bang switch, which is important. So few people actually understand how to handle a firearm that accidents happen. Far too often, those accidents can lead to tragedy. Toure’s efforts need to be just the beginning, however. This needs to be a part of the standard curriculum of American schools.

Think about it, many schools will teach students how to drive a car–something that kills far more people than guns but is not a constitutionally protected right–but shudder at the mere thought of educating students how to handle a firearm. Let’s ignore the fact that mishandling car keys won’t result in someone’s death, but mishandling a firearm might.

By teaching students what to do if they encounter a firearm, and not just the “tell an adult” thing but also what to do if you do have it in your hands for some reason, the odds of a negligent discharge become greatly reduced.  They know what to do and, more importantly, they know what not to do.

It’s not an immunization to gun accidents, but that can’t be laid at Toure’s feet. The human factor is still in play and people who have been professionally trained and supposedly know better still screw up, so there’s no reason to believe that the rest of humanity would be any different. However, there’s an important question that needs to be asked. How many lives did Maj Toure save this week?

The truth is, we’ll never know, but I suspect he saves a few.

That’s why we need formal firearms education in schools. To borrow a phrase from the gun control crowd, “If it saves just one child’s life, it’s worth it.”

In this case, it’s true.


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Black Guns Matter Founder Goes Into Philly School To Teach Gun Safety

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents

Believe it or not, some people still print documents on physical pieces of paper. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software takes those printed documents and converts them right back into machine-readable text. We’ve found some of the best free OCR tools

Free vs. Paid OCR Software: Microsoft OneNote and Nuance OmniPage Compared

Free vs. Paid OCR Software: Microsoft OneNote and Nuance OmniPage Compared

OCR scanner software lets you convert text in images or PDFs into editable text documents. Is a free OCR tool like OneNote good enough? Let’s find out!
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and compared them for you here.

No OCR program is perfect, so you’ll have to check the results and fix a few problems. Still, it’s a lot faster than typing the entire document back into the computer. Each of these free OCR software tools has its own strengths. All of them will get the job done.

The Methodology

To compare these tools, I took a screenshot of MakeUseOf’s Privacy page and saved it as a JPG file.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 1

Then, I used that JPG to test out the following OCR services.

However, you could also scan a printed document if that’s what you want to edit.

If you go that route, it’ll work best if the page features common fonts, such as Times New Roman or Arial. Also, make sure the image is right side up before scanning it. Aim for scanned material with a file size of less than 2 MB, too.

Now, let’s dig in!

Google Drive & Google Docs

Google Drive has integrated OCR support. It depends on the same OCR engine that Google uses to scan books and understand text in PDF files.

To get started, save the picture you want to send through the OCR to your computer.

Next, open the Google Drive website and upload your file into the application.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 2

Pro tip: If you’re a Gmail user, you can also attach the scanned document to an email. The attachment features a button that lets you transfer the file to Google Drive without leaving your inbox.

After putting the file in Google Drive, locate it and right click. Then select Open With and choose Google Docs.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 3

Your scanned image then appears as a new, editable text document in Google Docs! Google will keep your original image at the top of the document, and automatically create editable text using OCR below it.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 4

The combination of Google Drive and Google Docs did a pretty good job here. It struggled to understand the web addresses, but that was the case with all the tested tools.

Many free online OCR tools

4 Free Online OCR Tools Put to the Ultimate Test

4 Free Online OCR Tools Put to the Ultimate Test

With advances in OCR technology, converting text and Images from your scanned PDF document into the editable text formats is easier. We tested a few free online OCR tools so you won’t have to.
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, like Free OCR

Convert Images To Text Online With Free OCR

Convert Images To Text Online With Free OCR

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, limit your uploads. Google Docs is advantageous because it doesn’t have page upload limits.

Microsoft Document Imaging

Microsoft also offers support for OCR, but only for Windows users. Do you use a version of Microsoft Word from 2010 or older? It already has Microsoft Document Imaging.

Otherwise, you need to install SharePoint Designer 2007.

Okay, now before we get too far into this, it’s important to note that you’ll need to have Microsoft Word in order for this OCR method to truly work.

Microsoft Word is not a free program, I know. However, because this OCR method is SO effective, and because access to Word is so easy (go to any library or college campus) I’m making the executive decision to include this in our free OCR tools list anyway.

Moving on…

Install SharePoint by going to this URL. When you click Download, you’ll be presented with some options. Click the SharepointDesigner.exe field and hit Download.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 6

After accepting the software license, choose the Customize option.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 7

Look for the Installation Options tab in the top left of the box on your screen (this should be the default tab the program takes you to). Notice the drop-down menus to the left of many of the options.

Find the drop-down menus for Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Office Shared Features, and Office Tools. Select the Not Available option for all of them. It includes a red X, making it easy to spot.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 8

Expand the section for Office Tools, then locate the Microsoft Office Document Imaging option. Pick the Run All From My Computer option. Be careful not to select the similarly worded Run From My Computer entry on the drop-down instead.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 9

Finally, click the Install Now button. It’s in the bottom right of the dialog box you’ve worked with throughout this installation. (Note: This installation may take a few minutes.)

You’re now ready to use the MODI feature!

The next step is to scan your document or save your image from the web. Then, convert it to a TIFF file.

Microsoft Paint is one example of a free TIFF conversion option. Just open your file in Paint and click Save As. Select Other formats.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 5

Select the TIFF format from the drop-down menu and save the image.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR Paint 1

Then, launch MODI on your computer.

Just search your computer for Microsoft Office Document Imaging and open the program.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 10

After that, click File, then Open and find your image document.

Then, click the OCR button on the menu bar.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 11

Once the program finishes the OCR, click the Tools menu and select Send Text to Word.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 12

The program will automatically open a new Word document and paste your OCR text into it.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 13

The result gives you editable text within a program you know well.

Having to download the supplementary software first might feel a bit intimidating. However, the process itself isn’t hard and Microsoft does a better job than Google Drive at recognizing text. For instance, this program had no problem picking up on the website URL for MakeUseOf.com, and it didn’t smush any words together.

One major downside, though is that MODI is not available for Mac computers. If you have a Mac, check out these alternatives.

Download: MDI to TIFF File Converter and SharePoint Designer 2007 (Free for Windows)

Maybe you’re only getting started with OCR tools and want an extremely straightforward, non-platform-specific option. A website called OnlineOCR.net meets those needs.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 14

It supports over 40 languages, which is good news if your document contains one other than English.

Look for the blue Select File button on the left side of your screen. Because you can upload files as large as 15 MB, this service works well for graphic-heavy materials.

After that, use the drop-down list and select your desired output language. Look to the right of that menu and notice there are three choices of file formats. You can select Microsoft Word (which is the route I took), Microsoft Excel, or Plain Text.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 15

The Excel option may be useful when working with a scanned price sheet that includes graphics. It’s also potentially helpful with any other source material that with numbers. OnlineOCR supports documents with tables and columns as well.

After tweaking the options, click the Convert button. Then, download the output file the tool spits out and, voila! Editable text at your fingertips.

The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents OCR 16

This free tool didn’t work as well as the other two here, but since you can use OnlineOCR without registering it’s super convenient and easy. Plus, it did do a half-decent job recognizing the text from my image. It’s a smart choice if you want to try a tool without making commitments or providing information.

Also, this free option allows for converting up to 15 documents per hour. That benefit makes it appropriate for medium-volume OCR tasks.

The Verdict

Each of these programs has its strengths.

  • Google Docs can OCR documents without downloading anything to your computer, but you do have to sign up for a free account.
  • Microsoft Office Document Imaging is easy enough to use and extremely accurate, but it takes a little bit to install the necessary software.
  • OnlineOCR.net is a simple-to-use browser-based tool that doesn’t require registration and supports multiple languages.

With any tool, once you’re done with the OCR process

How to Extract Text From Images (OCR)

How to Extract Text From Images (OCR)

The best way to extract text from an image is to use optical character recognition (OCR). We show you seven free OCR tools for the job.
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, you may want to spell-check your document

8 Ways To Spell & Grammar Check In Microsoft Word Using Different Dictionaries & Languages

8 Ways To Spell & Grammar Check In Microsoft Word Using Different Dictionaries & Languages

Microsoft Word’s built-in spelling and grammar checking tools can be customized to meet your needs. You can even use AutoCorrect to speed up your typing.
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. That’s especially true if you’re just starting out with a tool and don’t know if it’s accurate.

And, depending on your use, you may not even have to OCR documents at all. You can convert a paper book to an ebook

How To Convert Scanned Pages Into eReader eBook Format

How To Convert Scanned Pages Into eReader eBook Format

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 without OCRing it, for example.

Which OCR software works best for you? Do you have a different favorite OCR program that we didn’t mention here? Leave a comment and let us know.

Did you know that you could also turn handwriting into text using OCR

How to Convert an Image With Handwriting to Text Using OCR

How to Convert an Image With Handwriting to Text Using OCR

To convert an image of handwritten text into digital text that you can edit and search, you need an OCR (optical character recognition) tool. Try one of these OCR tools to digitize handwriting.
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Image Credit: nikolay100/Depositphotos

Originally written by Chris Hoffman in March 2012.

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The 3 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Back Into Editable Documents

Kennedy Assassination Document Dump Includes Photo of Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle

The Mannlicher-Carcano rifle Lee Harvey Oswald used to assassinate president Kennedy.

As you’ve probably heard, President Trump has authorized the release of a cache of documents relating to the Kennedy assassination that have been withheld since the Warren Commission completed its work 50-odd years ago. The the FBI and CIA have managed to persuade the POTUS to hold back certain documents, allegedly for national security reasons. It’s a move that will only continue to proliferate grassy knoll conspiracy theories.

One of the items released in the document dump, though, is a photo of the 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle (above) used by Oswald in Dealey Plaza that day in November. We’ll have to see what other items of interest are included in the sanitized information now made public. If anything.

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Kennedy Assassination Document Dump Includes Photo of Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle

How to delete the apps left over after an iTunes 12.7 install to regain storage on macOS or Windows



How to delete the apps left over after an iTunes 12.7 install to regain storage on macOS or Windows

Apple’s decision to remove the iOS App Store from iTunes as part of the version 12.7 update controversially took away the ability to download apps to a Mac or PC, but all of the locally-stored apps were kept in place. We show you how to delete these files and free up some storage in the process.

On September 12, Apple issued an update to iTunes for desktop computers that incorporated a number of changes, focusing it more on content than apps. Removing the App Store from iTunes meant users had to manage their downloads and purchases through their iPads and iPhones, instead of through their macOS or Windows desktop.

Despite removing the ability to download apps, Apple chose to keep all downloaded apps intact instead of automatically deleting them, a decision likely to be welcomed by some users. For others, this means that there’s a pile of apps in their Mac or PC’s storage that are taking up valuable disk space, and may be worth deleting.

Apple did not include an option within the iTunes update to delete the apps, so users who want to remove the files will have to do so manually.

But, you may not want to purge just yet…

It is worth noting that users may not necessarily wish to get rid of the files stored in the directory. It is still possible to install signed .ipa files within iTunes 12.7 by dragging and dropping them, but as iTunes can no longer update the files, it is only really of use to those wanting to install older versions of apps.

Apple has also made the enterprise version of iTunes 12.6.3 available to download which retains app management and installation facilities, though this is an unsupported version. While this is meant for business users, Apple advises enterprise customers needing to deploy apps should do so via its Volume Purchase Programs and Apple Configurator on Mac.

If there’s no reason to keep them because loading from the cloud is fine, here’s how to do it.

How to delete the iOS apps stored on a Mac

Go into the Finder on the Mac and access the Music directory. If Music does not appear in the Favorites section to the left, it can be accessed in the majority of cases by selecting the Mac under Devices, then Macintosh HD, Users, and then the relevant user account.

Once inside the Music folder, access the iTunes directory, followed by iTunes Media, and lastly Mobile Applications. The Mobile Applications directory holds all of the apps downloaded to the Mac, listed as .ipa files, with users able to delete either the individual files or the entire directory.

The amount of space the contents of the directory takes up will depend entirely on the user’s downloading habits. One AppleInsider writer had a downloads directory weighing in at 87 gigabytes, while another’s was a smaller but still considerable 11 gigabytes.

How to delete the iOS apps stored on Windows 10

Windows 10 users have to go through a similar process of finding the iTunes directory through File Explorer. Again, though this will vary between installations, but it can usually be found in the user’s Documents directory, within the enclosed Music directory.

The file path within the iTunes directory is the same as for macOS, by accessing iTunes Media and then Mobile Applications. As with macOS, the .ipa files can be deleted individually or the entire directory can be removed.

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How to delete the apps left over after an iTunes 12.7 install to regain storage on macOS or Windows

Here’s How Engines Lose Power Over Time

gif: Engineering Explained/YouTube

As soon as your car leaves the factory and is properly broken in, it’s probably cranking out the most power it will ever make in stock form. That’s because, over time, certain components wear down; here’s how that happens.

For an engine to run well, it needs the right supply of fuel, proper intake and exhaust flows, good compression, and a healthy spark to set off the combustion process at the right time. Those ingredients can get compromised over time, which can lead to power loss, as Engineering Explained’s Jason Fenkse describes in his video:

The video mentions 10 reasons why internal combustion motors gradually lose power, starting with a clogged air filter, which can increase the restriction in the intake system, and rob power by making the pistons work harder to suck in the charge.


On a similar note, restrictions in the exhaust system—like a carbon-clogged catalytic converter or muffler caused by a rich fuel mixture or an engine that burns oil—can increase pumping losses and sap power, too. Fenske also mentions a stretched throttle cable—which doesn’t allow the throttle plate to open entirely—as a potential culprit in an engine’s loss of grunt over time.

On the fuel side of things, he talks about clogged fuel injectors (dirty fuel can cause this) throwing off the air-fuel ratio, and a fuel pump that has worn down over time and can’t send enough fuel at high engine speeds and loads.

Often times, when someone talks about an engine “wearing out,” they really mean it has lost compression. This can happen a number of ways, but one of the obvious culprits is cylinder wall wear, caused by piston rings gliding up and down the bore. The photo above (ignore the corrosion) shows a distinct “ridge” that represents how much the bore diameter has increased as the piston rings slid along the thin film of oil on the surface.


The larger that bore diameter, the worse the seal between the rings and the cylinder wall, meaning more blow-by, less compression, more oil from the crankcase entering the combustion chamber, and ultimately, less horsepower.

Another way an engine can lose compression is via poor valve sealing. This can happen over time as carbon deposits—which, as Fenkse mentions, can stem from oil from the crankcase ventilation system—compromise the sealing surface between the valve and the valve seat, as I explain in the clip above.


The final reasons Fenske mentions for a loss of power have to do with fouled or otherwise degraded spark plugs and carbon deposits on the pistons, which can lead to hot-spots that cause knock, for which the engine compensates by retarding timing, ultimately reducing output.

Obviously, there are a few things he doesn’t mention. Especially on older cars, you have to worry about ignition component wear in things like the points, distributor cap and rotor, and you’ve got to worry about the timing getting out of whack. Then there’s degradation of rubber seals (like valve seals), which can cause the engine to burn oil and make less power. And there’s also the possibility of sludge buildup, which can lead to additional engine friction.

Really, your engine is constantly searching for ways to make less power, so keep up your maintenance—change your plugs, wires, fluids and filters—and make that motor work like it promised you it would.

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Here’s How Engines Lose Power Over Time

Carnival Scam Science

Carnival Scam Science


As much fun as carnival games look, they’re designed to steal your dollars, and not to award you that giant stuffed bear. Engineer Mark Rober is here to explore the math and physics behind carny scams, which are the biggest rip-offs, and a few ways to improve your chances.

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Carnival Scam Science

Pair Eyewear, the Warby Parker for kids, launches today

In February of 2010, Warby Parker launched into the world and became a global brand and eventually a unicorn. And today, Pair Eyewear wants to do the same.

Pair, the brainchild of Sophia Edelstein and Nathan Kondamuri, wants to be the Warby Parker for children, giving kids and parents a way to affordably shop for glasses online. But Pair takes it one step further with customizable frames, letting kids continually change up their look.

Today at launch, Pair is going live with five base frames (the original frame you’ve come to recognize with glasses) and 10 top frames (a clip-on customization) for every base frame, bringing them to a total of 50 top frames.

Right now, the market is dominated by a single player, Luxottica, which makes and sells glasses for brands like Oakley, Ray-Ban, Chanel, and owns retailers like Sunglass Hut and Lens Crafters. According to Edelstein, the markup for these glasses is around 3x to 5x, meaning that parents could pay around $400 for just a base level pair of glasses for their child.

“I started wearing glasses when I was eight, and I’ve worn them my whole life,” said cofounder Nathan Kondamuri. “As a kid, you don’t know what glasses are and yet you’re being forced to wear them. It feels like a medical device.”

Pair wants to change that by making glasses fun for kids, letting them change up their look on a whim to suit that day’s mood.

Base frames, which include hand-polished acetate frames and anti-reflective, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, cost $125 and include one top frame. Extra top frames can be purchased for $25.

Like Warby Parker, Pair realized that selling glasses online means creating a way for users to try on the glasses at home. So the company has set up a way for kids/parents to ‘try on’ cardboard cutouts of the frames and top frames that they like, which they can then keep. This also means that parents don’t have to ship back frames they don’t want.

And, again, following in the footsteps of Warby Parker, Pair is dedicated to social good, running a buy one, give one program through EYElliance, a non-profit founded by the Vision Spring founder Dr. Jordan Kassalow, which is focused on vision care for young people.

Thus far, the company has raised $125K in seed funding from Creative International Concept and angel investors such as Ullas Naik and Stefan Kennedy.

While the initial product offering is akin to Warby Parker, only time will tell if Pair, which launches today, will have the same long-term success.

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Pair Eyewear, the Warby Parker for kids, launches today

Concealment Express: Quality Kydex IWB Holsters Delivered Fast

(sponsored post)

For years now, the fastest growing segment of the handgun market has been pistols designed for every day concealed carry. Finding the right gun for you is a matter of striking the right balance between capacity, stopping power and concealability.

Once you decide on the right gun for your particular needs, the next item on your concealed carry to-do list: choose the right holster. The good news is that Concealment Express has exactly what you need. You’ll want a rig that provides low-profile concealment, superior construction, top notch materials and a comfortable fit. Concealment Express builds all of that and more into each inside-the-waistband Kydex holster they make.

Concealment Express offers gun owners quality, U.S.-made concealed carry holsters at a fair price without the usual wait and hassle. While some companies take as long as four to six weeks to ship their holsters, Concealment Express custom builds their IWB holsters and ships them out the next business day.

Whether you choose Concealment Express’s standard IWB holster or their stealthier tuckable model for added concealment and versatility, you’re getting a hand-crafted rig made of top quality components and first rate Kydex that’s beautifully finished.

All of Concealment Express’s Kydex holsters are custom molded and feature easy adjustment for the exact degree of cant (carry angle) you want and just the right level of retention for your pistol. You won’t find a better IWB concealed carry holster for the money.

Finally, you’ll need a secure, comfortable way to carry your holster. Fortunately, Concealment express has you covered there, too. 

You can’t rely on a weak, floppy department store belt for a job as important as comfortably supporting your concealed carry gun all day long. You need the right tool for the job. That’s why Concealment Express’s Ultimate Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt is made of 100% premium full grain leather that won’t stretch out or sag. It features steel hardware and, best of all, it’s made right here in the USA.

For more information on models and guns or to find out how to order a Concealment Express custom Kydex holster, check out their website.





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Concealment Express: Quality Kydex IWB Holsters Delivered Fast