You Can Now Buy a Brand-New Ford Mustang—with the 1965 Body!

Years ago on The Tonight Show, Kevin Pollak told car nut Jay Leno that Detroit should build the ’57 Chevy again. "They must still have the plans sitting on a shelf somewhere," he said. "Dust them off and start making ’em again."

While it’s unlikely that General Motors has saved the dies from 1957 to stamp the fenders, or is willing to go back to making carburetors, you actually can buy a classic American car with modern-day underpinnings—but from Orlando, not Detroit. Ford has licensed the actual body design of the original Mustang (the body that was on the ’64 1/2 to ’66 models) to a Florida-based company called Revology Cars. Revology then has the bodies produced by California-based muscle car parts manufacturer Dynacorn International, and kits them out with modern suspensions, brakes, steering, powertrain and interior amenities.

The result is that "The entire car is new," Revology writes, "with the exception of the engine and transmission, which are remanufactured units purchased from Ford Motor Company." And although some of the promotional photos show their cars sporting the "289" badge, indicating the 289-cubic-inch (4.7-liter) motor the Mustang debuted with, the engine in Revology’s cars is actually a 5-liter (corresponding with the 302 that Mustangs wouldn’t see until 1968).

The car is technically classified as a replica, which means would-be buyers will have to check their local state’s regulations for registering cars in that category. They’ll also want to check their bank accounts: The fastback version starts at $119,500 and the convertible goes for a cool $122,000. (There is no hardtop notchback listed on the price sheet.)

Buyers can choose one of three ways to take delivery: They can either pick it up at Revology’s facility in Orlando, have the car delivered to their home…or have it shipped to a local Ford dealership, where they can retrieve it. If I had the cash I’d definitely go with the latter option; it’s gotta be a trip to roll off the lot in one of these, past rows of sulking Focuses.

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You Can Now Buy a Brand-New Ford Mustang—with the 1965 Body!