Silly video imagines if crocodiles could shoot lasers at other animals

Silly video imagines if crocodiles could shoot lasers at other animals

The original footage of this battle between bats and crocodiles is already insane, as the crocs lurk in the water and chomp at the flying bats. But adding lasers to the crocs and fire bombs to the bats makes it even crazier. The warfare is like imagining a future where animals could use weapons.

You can peep the original footage from the BBC here. Blackhawk put together the edited version which is so silly it’s awesome.

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Silly video imagines if crocodiles could shoot lasers at other animals

For the brave: compiling Workbench 6.3 using Visual Studio 2013 on Windows

Compiling MySQL Workbench yourself is quite a common task for Linux users, even though the application is available precompiled for certain platforms ready from our download page and available in our yum and apt repositories. In this blog post we show you how to compile it on Windows.
Doing a build on Windows is a totally different matter and most users never need to do that. It’s mostly intersting for those wanting own functionality or just being curious. But you should be an experienced Visual Studio user. It’s a complicated task and not a good start for a beginner. The key problem when building on Windows is that we cannot ship any 3rd party library we used. Instead you have to collect them all yourself. In order to ease that task we created the list below. Each library comes with a version number which usually specifies the minimum version to be used. Most of the time it’s not mandatory to use the exact same version, but it helps minimizing trouble if you do. To build and link you need the library’s header files, a dynamic library (.DLL) and the linker library (.lib). There are a few libraries that are static and you may have to build some on your own. You’ve been warned.
After you have downloaded the MySQL Workbench source zip you have to unzip it into a work folder of your choice and name it e.g. “workbench”. In the same work folder where you extracted the source files, create another folder named “mysql-win-res”. This name is mandatory as that is what we used in the VS solution. The build requires a specific folder structure for mysql-win-res (also because of the paths set in the Visual Studio solution). Here’s a picture showing the required folder structure:
Picture 1
All 4 top level dirs are needed. What to put there is mentioned in detail below. Also have a look at the PrepareOutputDir.cmd file in the WB source folder. This is called by VS on successfull build of the main project and copies a lot of dependency stuff to the target folder (under “bin/x64/release”). This batch file will help you to find missing resources if you have trouble starting MySQL Workbench.
Build Preparations
The MySQL Workbench solution (iworkbench/MySQLWorkbench.sln) contains several build targets and architectures. In this blog we only focus on the 64bit release build. After you opened MySqlWorkbench.sln solution you have to set the configuration and platform in Visual Studio. You can do this using the combo box on the standard toolbar (Picture 2) or using Configuration Manager (Menu->Build->Configuration Manager, Picture 3).
Picture 2
Picture 3
Now it is time to fill the mysql-win-res folder with all dependencies. You should be able find precompiled binaries for most of them on the Internet. If not then it’s up to you to create it.
Depedencies needed for compiling and starting Workbench
boost v1.55.0
 download boost from
copy everything from boost include folder into your mysql-win-res/include/boost folder
python v2.7.6
download python from (
copy header files from python-2.7.6/include into mysql-win-res/iinclude/python folder
copy everything form from python-2.7.6/lib into mysql-win-res/lib/python folder
place python27.lib and python27.dll into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/python/release
place python.exe into mysql-win-res/redist-bin/x64/release
cairo v1.8.8
download from
copy header files from cairo-1.8.8/src into mysql-win-res/iinclude/cairo folder
place libcairo.lib and libcairo.dll into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/cairo
Connector/C++ v1.1.4
download zip archive from
extrac and copy header files from mysql-connector/include foolder into mysql-win-res/include/cppcon
place mysqlcppconn.lib and mysqlcppconn.dll into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/mysqlcppconn/release
CTemplate v0.8
download and compile from
copy header files from ctemplate/windows/ctemplate into mysql-win-res/include/ctemplate folder
place libctemplate.lib and libctemplate.dll into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/ctemplate/release
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library/OpenGIS Simple Features Reference Implementation, v1.9.2
download win package from
copy header files  from gdal/core, gdal/ogr, gdal/port, gdal/alg into mysql-win-res/iinclude/gdal folder
place bin/gdal.dll and bin/gdal.lib and into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/gdal
place gdal/apps/ogrinfo.exe and gdal/apps/ogr2ogr.exe into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/gdal
HtmlRenderer (System.Drawing.Html) v1.4.6
download from
place HtmlRenderer.dll and .lib into mysql-win-res/lib folder direct
GLib v2.34.3
download from
copy header files into mysql-win-res/include/glib folder
place dll and lib’s into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/glib zlib/libpng v1.5.14
download from
copy header files from libpng root folder into mysql-win-res/include/libpng folder
 place libpng.dll and libpng.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/libpng Libxml2 v2.9.1
download from
copy header files from libxml/include/libxml into mysql-win-res/include/libxml folder
place libxml2.dll and libxml2.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/libxml
Libconv v1.14
download from
copy header files from libiconv-1.14/include into mysql-win-res/include/libxml folder
place libiconv.dll and libiconv.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/libxml
Libzip v0.11.2
download from
copy header files from libzip/lib into mysql-win-res/include/libzip folder
place libzip.dll and libzip.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/libzip/release Connector/C v6.1
download connector C from
copy header files from mysql-connector-c/include into mysql-win-res/include/mysql folder
place libmysql.dll and libmysql.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/mysql/release PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) Library v7.5
download package from
copy header filesfrom pcre-7.5 root folder into mysql-win-res/include/pcre folder
place pcre.dll and pcre.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/pcre/release Scintilla v3.3.6
download from
copy header files from scintilla/include and scintilla/lexlib into mysql-win-res/include/scintilla folder
SQLite v3.8.3
download package from
copy header file sqlite3.h into mysql-win-res/include/sqlite folder
place static sqlite3.dll and sqlite3.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/sqlite/release
TinyXML v2.6.1
download package from
copy header files into mysql-win-res/include/tinyxml folder
place tinyxml.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/tinyxml/release
vsqlite++ v0.2.0
download package from
copy header files from vsqlite++-0.2.0/include into mysql-win-res/Include/vsqlite++/sqlite folder
place static vsqlite++.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/vsqlite++/sqlite
 zlib v1.2.5
download and compile from
copy header files from zlib-1.2.5 root folder into mysql-win-res/include/zlib folder
place zlib.dll and zlib.lib into mysql-win-res/lib/x64/zlib/release
ANTLR v3.4
download antlr-3.4 from
create bin folder under mysql-win-res and copy antlr-3.4-complete.jar into
SWIG (version 3.0.2)
download package from
create folder swiglib under mysql-win-res
extrac swig archive and copy everyting from swigwin-3.0.2/lib folder into created mysql-win-res/swiglib folder
place swig.exe into early created mysql-win-res/bin folder
MySQL Server executables
place mysqldump.exe and mysql.exe into mysql-win-res/redist-bin/x64/release. You can find this file in your local MySql server instalation under bin directory
Once this setup is done you can start the build in Visual Studio.
I hope this helps to get your application compile on Windows and if you have any questions you can contact the Workbench team on the #workbench IRC channel.
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For the brave: compiling Workbench 6.3 using Visual Studio 2013 on Windows

Video compares pit stops in F1 Racing, NASCAR, Indy Car and more

Video compares pit stops in F1 Racing, NASCAR, Indy Car and more

F1 Racing is like driving jets on the ground. NASCAR is like racing monster cars in sheet metal around an oval. Indy Car are powerful beasts themselves. Each type of racing has their own unique demands and needs. Here is a video that shows the difference between pit stops in F1 Racing, NASCAR, Indy Car, Formula E and WEC.

F1 Racing is the fastest as they have the most crew members (14+) and don’t allow re-fueling mid-race. Indy Car and NASCAR uses 6 crew members and re-fuels. Formula E only has 2 crew members but the driver changes cars completely. And the WEC uses 2 crew members to change the tires, 2 crew members to change drivers and a new driver comes in during the pit sotp.

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Video compares pit stops in F1 Racing, NASCAR, Indy Car and more

FCC Gives Cable Industry Just Enough Rope To Hang Itself

While the FCC has been engaging in a slew of consumer-friendly moves of late (from tougher neutrality rules to fighting for municipal broadband), a few weeks ago the agency turned heads by fully prohibiting towns and cities from imposing price controls on TV service. According to the FCC’s announcement on the matter (pdf), they’re doing this because they believe the cable industry is so competitive, such local TV price restrictions are no longer necessary. The FCC voted 3-2 to approve the measure, with Wheeler uncharacteristically siding with the agency’s two Republican Commissioners to support it.

Wheeler not only bucked consumer advocates and his Commission allies, he ignored the FCC’s own intergovernmental advisory committee, which advised against the change. And while Wheeler’s been notably more consumer friendly than anybody expected, consumer groups like Public Knowledge weren’t big fans of this latest move by the agency boss:

"Congress directed the FCC to streamline the process by which small cable operators can file petitions with the FCC for finding that they are subject to effective competition, which exempts them from some regulatory oversight," said Public Knowledge senior attorney John Bergmayer. "In general, Public Knowledge agrees that the FCC should do what it can to make regulatory processes simpler for smaller entities."

"However, the FCC has gone beyond Congress’s directive, adopting a blanket presumption that all cable operators, large and small, are subject to effective competition. Any analysis that shows that the largest cable companies face effective competition in their local markets is flawed. These companies bundle cable television with high-speed broadband and often have control over valuable programming. They are in a fundamentally different marketplace position than the small cable operators that Congress is concerned with."

So why would a consumer-friendly FCC boss suddenly make a decision that seems, on its surface, decidedly not consumer friendly? Well one, the existence of satellite TV and the rise of telco TV has resulted in the FCC repeatedly declaring that the TV business is effectively competitive each time cable ops apply for exemption, making this 22-year-old process effectively obsolete. Even if, as Public Knowledge notes — broadband bundles and other factors usually mean competition can’t always be adequately measured by the number of TV operators in a market. Of course, the FCC had already been traditionally letting cable operators ignore local price caps (the FCC had granted all but four of 224 such exemption requests since 2013) and they’re relatively rare; Comcast estimates just 17% of its markets see them.

But more importantly, Wheeler knows that internet video is coming. Cable operators and broadcasters have, hand in hand, been raising prices hand over fist on everything from programming to DVR rentals for years, regardless of these limited localized price caps. Wheeler likely hopes that by removing already meager barriers, the cable industry will feel free to raise rates further, and be painfully punished by the rise of internet video. Basically, Wheeler is throwing the cable industry a small bone — with the intent of letting them choke on it.

That might work over the long term, but over the short term the end result will probably only be even higher rates. That could help accelerate cord cutting, and a faster shift toward the more competitive TV market Wheeler is probably envisioning. And while giving the cable industry enough rope to hang itself might work, the problem with his scenario is that broadband ISPs will likely respond to the rise in internet video by increasing their use of broadband caps and overages. And with limited broadband competition, and the FCC generally ignoring the problems inherent with usage caps, that raises a whole slew of issues Wheeler will need to address if he’s truly interested in speeding up a television revolution.

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FCC Gives Cable Industry Just Enough Rope To Hang Itself

UrtheCast releases first full-color HD videos of Earth recorded from ISS

UrtheCast has published the first full color HD videos recorded of Earth from space via a new camera system mounted on the International Space Station. The videos are short recordings of regions in Barcelona, Boston, and London, and show the cities at a one-meter resolution. Read more

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UrtheCast releases first full-color HD videos of Earth recorded from ISS

Cut the Cord With These $30 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Cut the Cord With These $30 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

We’ve seen lots of Bluetooth earbuds in the $20-$30 range, but if you prefer on-ears, this is one of the best deals we’ve seen to date. Etekcity’s RoverBeats F1 Bluetooth headphones boast 10 hours of battery life, a built-in mic for handsfree calls, and a 4.4 star review average. [Etekcity RoverBeats F1: Bluetooth 4.0+EDR Wireless Stereo Headphones, $30 with code WIRELE88]

Head over to Kinja Deals for the rest of today’s best deals.

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Send deal submissions to Deals@Gawker and all other inquiries to Shane@Gawker

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Cut the Cord With These $30 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones