Warning: The language is spicy in this one

So this story goes back to the start of my career in web design, before I knew the difference between a good client and a bad client.

So it all started with getting a new job. The company itself was well reviewed, they worked with some pretty major clientele and everything seemed good. The main boss had an interesting past in web design, starting in the porn industry and moving later into mainstream design.

His first task was asking me to create a new web design for their site, so off to work I went designing what I thought at the time was a good design.

The later that day, I send him the design and he replied shortly after.

Client: Hmm… I don’t fucking like this at all. tell you what, look at site X. I like X, use it for inspiration.

So later that day I got to work, building a new site using the elements of that design, style, font etc. I use enough design so it looked visually similar but also completely unique.

Client: I still don’t fucking like this. I like X, make it look like X.

The next day I went in confused, still not sure what he wanted. I got to work and this time, I made the design very close, used a very similar design, but I tried to make it different enough to avoid plagiarism. 

Client: Look, I want fucking X. All you need to do is go onto their site, nick all their fucking code and all the fucking images, and put the logo on it. Like you see that image here on X? I got a folder on the server full of this shit! I just fucking nick all the designs and code, pop a logo over the other logos, and resell it. Everyone does it!

No surprise, I quit immediately after.

via Clients From Hell
Warning: The language is spicy in this one