As Gun Sales Rise, Gun-Concealing Furniture Designs Proliferate

People cannot agree on gun control laws in America, but one point is not in doubt: Gun sales are on the rise. Following mass shootings, of which we have plenty, firearm manufacturers and retailers confirm that sales increase.

Which begs the question: Is there an attendant increase in the sales of firearm-storing furniture? When we looked at the stuff last year, it certainly seemed to be booming, and these days it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Absent the politics, the furniture itself is fascinating as it poses a unique storage design challenge: End users want the furniture to visually conceal their goods, yet they want lightning-quick access to it. This often means that end users are seeking to integrate gun storage into some very central pieces of furniture—like dining tables:

Or coffee tables:

Or buffets:

Or the couch:

Others feel the bed is the best place for them:

I desperately want to believe this is for storing documents or cash:

For still others, the bathroom (this has got to be a gag):

Or tucked away in dummy ceiling vents:

Or under the stairs:

Or behind mirrors:

Image via Tactical Walls

Or behind art:

In short, it seems these designers have collectively sought out every square inch of dead space and turned it into usable storage.

A lot of these ideas can, of course, be adapted to hold non-firearm-related items. So whether you’re pro- or anti-gun, perhaps some of these ideas will inspire you in designing your own storage-related pieces.

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As Gun Sales Rise, Gun-Concealing Furniture Designs Proliferate