My slides about MySQL Performance from #PerconaLive Apr.2016 US

As promised, here are my slides from Percona Live Conference in US, Apr.2016 :
MySQL 5.7 Performance & Scalability Benchmarks (PDF)
MySQL 5.7 Demystified Tuning (PDF)
Feel free to ask any questions or details you’re needing, etc..Also, not really related to MySQL, but as I was asked so many times about "how did you manage to project your slides from Mac, but drive it an annotate via iPad?" – here is a short HOWTO:
you need to have Keynote app installed on both your Mac and iPad
you create your own WiFi Network on your Mac (MenuBar->WiFi->Create Network…)
once done, connect to this WiFi Network your iPad
(having your own network is getting a rid of any potential sync issues, removing any dependency on wifi availability in a room, as well allowing you to walk way far from your Mac and still keep a control on your slides ;-))
then you’re starting your Keynote presentation projection on your Mac
after what opening Keynote app on your iPad
"clicking" on Keynote Remote
selecting your Mac from the list of available devices
and you’re getting hands on your currently projected slides ;-))
you can select then a preferred layout: current slide, current + next, current + notes, etc.
AND on any slide you can involve an annotation and draw over the slide with pencils of different color to point on one or another part of your slides
(of course, the drawing you’re doing remains only during annotation and not destroying your slides ;-))
have fun! ;-))
What else to say? The conference was really great and I may only admit that Percona is doing it better and better from year to year.. Huge amount of very interesting talks, great technical content mostly everywhere, a lot of innovation, new ideas, deep discussions, etc. etc.. — you don’t know what you’re missing if you were not there ;-))Well, time for the rest now, and as a final point – a "Bloody Cheesecake" on my departure from SFO Airport (for those who understand ;-))Rgds,-Dimitri
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My slides about MySQL Performance from #PerconaLive Apr.2016 US