Why We Need The Second Amendment: A Looney Tunes Cartoon Explains

The 1959 Looney Tunes episode titled Mexicali Shmoes exemplifies why the 2nd Amendment is of such importance when it comes to equality for all. The episode shows the usual wacky adventures of the titular character Speedy Gonzales . . .

In this case two Mexican alley cats named Jose and Manuel are giving him chase and constantly failing due to Speedy Gonzales being able to outrun them. The show introduces Speedy Gonzales’ cousin; Slow Poke Rodriguez. Who happens to be the slowest mouse in all of Mexico. Yet somehow Slow Poke Rodriguez is able to stay alive and not be eaten by Jose the cat.

On an adult level, this shows that Speedy Gonzales is able to beat his attackers because he is faster and stronger than his attackers. He has the benefits of age, health, and genetics at his advantage. Slow Poke Rodriguez is slow, weak, and an easy mark.

In the world of the gun grabbers you have two choices: fight off your attackers with your bare hands or call the police and hope they arrive soon enough to save you, your family and other innocent life. But as The People of the Gun know already, waiting for the police to save you isn’t a reliable strategy. You might even call it a Hail Mary.

Slow Poke Rodriguez equalizes his faults with Speedy Gonzales’ physical traits by carrying a revolver to defend himself. No different than a senior citizen or someone that happens to be smaller and weaker would carry to defend themselves.

As shown, Slow Poke Rodriguez walks out of his home, is suddenly attacked and what does he do? He defends himself with a gun. No different than my 64-year-old father today. He might be older, weaker, and slower due to age. But he is still dangerous and can defend himself.

Carrying a firearm is all about equalizing what nature has made unequal.

The 2nd Amendment is all about creating a level playing field. It gives strength to the weak to fend off violent attacks from criminals and gives We The People the ability to fend off violent government from usurping rights and liberties. What’s not to love?

via The Truth About Guns
Why We Need The Second Amendment: A Looney Tunes Cartoon Explains