Free 80/20 Aluminum T-Slot System Sample Offer

8020 Free Aluminum Framing Sample

I was browsing 80/20’s website today and came across a free sample offer.

The sample kit includes 2 small sections of aluminum profiles, an end fastener, an anchor fastener, and a hex wrench.

I love working with 80/20. I liked working with it when I bolted projects together using angle brackets and other external hardware, but I’m liking it a lot more now that I’m familiar with their custom cutting and machining services.

ToolGuyd Tool Cabinet Build Mach 1

This is what one of my earlier cabinet designs looked like.

Electronics Workbench Corner

Here’s another iteration, after I moved to anchor fasteners and started prototyping a solution that would wrap around the corner of a room.

80/20 is pricey stuff to work with, but its versatility can make up for that. I’ve seen it used for simple tool enclosures, to elaborate CNC setups.

They have a photo gallery choc-full of project examples, and an Xtreme DIY series where they discuss and show off some of their own example projects.

This is a good opportunity to see what 80/20 is all about.

Offer Details(via 80/20)

There might be a limited quantity of sample sets available.

What I’m wondering is whether you can actually build anything with the parts they send you. Two small aluminum profiles and two fasteners of different types? Depending on the length they provide, if you have access to a miter saw with non-ferrous aluminum-cutting blade, a drill bit, and tap, you might be able to make… I really don’t know. Something? Still, it’s a chance to check out how it works, and for free.

via ToolGuyd
Free 80/20 Aluminum T-Slot System Sample Offer