Watch a Knife Attached to a Rocket Going 150 MPH Slice The Hell Out of Meat and Fruit

Now this is some fun times. The Backyard Scientist strapped a kitchen knife to some homemade sugar rockets, put it on a track sprayed with graphite lubricant so it could murdercut things while zooming down at 150MPH, and then put various sliceable items on the other end to reach their imminent doom (for our infinite viewing pleasure).

A whole chicken, a chuck roast, a toy car, a pineapple and all sorts of other fruits got sliced in half before you could even realize what happened. The rocket knife flies down in a blinding fury and then the next thing you know, everything just slides apart because it got cut the hell up. It’s so easy to chop things up with a rocket knife that you don’t even see it happen.

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Watch a Knife Attached to a Rocket Going 150 MPH Slice The Hell Out of Meat and Fruit

Eight hours of air traffic in one image

A couple years back, a composite image showing seven hours of takeoffs at LAX airport went viral. The man behind that image, Mike Kelley, has spent the time since working on expanding his initial idea.

The result is Airportraits, a photo series that repeats the trick . From Tokyo’s Haneda to London’s Heathrow, Kelley sat, stood and occasionally danced while shooting hundreds and thousands of photos of aircraft taking off. He then stitched the images together to create a composite image (a single image comprised of elements from multiple photos) that represents his time at each location.

Kelley leaned on his experience as an architectural photographer to build the images. He often uses light painting, blending natural and artificial light to create composite images that cast buildings and interiors in an almost magical light.

Where the Airportraits differ from the original viral image is in composition. While the LAX image was impressive, there was no sense of place; it could’ve been any airport, anywhere. For the new series, Kelley shot from a range of vantage points — a Sydney shot from a beach, Tokyo from a boat out on the bay, Amsterdam over a meandering river and so on. There are also people, animals, cars and other elements that sell each image as a scene, or a story, more than before.

Perhaps my favorite from the series is the image atop this article, taken near Zurich, Switzerland. It depicts eight hours of takeoffs from a pair of runways. Speaking to Resource Magazine, Kelley explained what makes this image so special: "Due to a complicated noise abatement scheme, Zurich Airport actually uses runways oriented in different directions depending on how light or heavy the winds are. This made for a very interesting photo when combined with the idyllic Swiss countryside that surrounds the airport," he said.

You can view more of the series on Kelley’s site, read more about individual images at Resource Magazine or buy prints in various sizes from his store.

The Big Picture is a recurring feature highlighting beautiful images that tell big stories. We explore topics as large as our planet, or as small as a single life, as affected by or seen through the lens of technology.

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Eight hours of air traffic in one image

One of the world’s oldest biblical texts read for the first time

When the En-Gedi scrolls were excavated from an ancient synagogue’s Holy Ark in the 1970s, it was a bittersweet discovery for archaeologists. Though the texts provided further evidence for an ancient Jewish community in this oasis near the Dead Sea, the scrolls had been reduced to charred lumps by fire. Even the act of moving them to a research facility caused more damage. But decades later, archaeologists have read parts of one scroll for the first time. A team of scientists in Israel and the US used a sophisticated medical scanning technique, coupled with algorithmic analysis, to "unwrap" a parchment that’s more than 1,700 years old.

(credit: Science Advances)

Found in roughly the same area as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the En-Gedi scrolls were used by a Jewish community in the region between the 8th century BCE and 6th century CE. In the year 600 CE, the community and its temple were destroyed by fire. Archaeologists disagree on the exact historical provenance of the En-Gedi scrolls—carbon dating suggests fourth century, but stratigraphic evidence points to a date closer to the second. Either way, these scrolls could provide a kind of missing link between the biblical texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the traditional biblical text of the Tanakh found in the Masoretic Text from roughly the 9th century. As the researchers put it in a paper published in Science Advances:

Dating the En-Gedi scroll to the third or fourth century CE falls near the end of the period of the biblical Dead Sea Scrolls (third century BCE to second century CE) and several centuries before the medieval biblical fragments found in the Cairo Genizah, which date from the ninth century CE onward. Hence, the En-Gedi scroll provides an important extension to the evidence of the Dead Sea Scrolls and offers a glimpse into the earliest stages of almost 800 years of near silence in the history of the biblical text.

How to read a burned scroll with computers

But it wasn’t until University of Kentucky computer scientist Brent Seales developed a technique he calls volume cartography that archaeologists actually got that "glimpse." Seales had previously worked on a project to read fire-damaged scrolls from the library of a wealthy Roman whose home in Herculaneum was destroyed in the Pompeii eruption. He suggested that Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist Pnina Shor scan the scrolls using X-ray micro-CT, which is essentially a very high-resolution CT scan of exactly the same type you might get in a hospital. Indeed, Shor explained in a press conference that her team used a medical imaging facility to produce digital scans that she sent to Seales to analyze in Kentucky.

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One of the world’s oldest biblical texts read for the first time

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate’s Latest Ad Is Just Him Shooting a Machine Gun for 20 Seconds


Good people of Missouri, former Navy SEAL (and former Democrat) Eric Greitens would like to be your next Governor. Now please watch him fire off a Gatling machine gun for 20 seconds.

Greitens won the Missouri primary just days ago, positioning himself as an “outsider” who will “take aim at politics as usual.”

Greitens isn’t a single issue candidate by any means, though. He also released an ad where he shoots this gun:

In addition to Missouri voters, Greitens has also garnered the attention of conservative billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who donated $200,000 to Greitens’ campaign.

So, Eric, how are you feeling on the heels of your big win?


We bet.

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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate’s Latest Ad Is Just Him Shooting a Machine Gun for 20 Seconds

This Concealed Carrier Saved An Officer Under Attack

concealed carrier

An concealed carrier in Ohio has been presented with the Citizen’s Award of Valor for stepping in with a drawn handgun to stop a meth abuser who was fighting a Mount Vernon officer for control of the officer’s gun.

The suspect stopped fighting Cpl. Michael Wheeler, and when Wheeler looked up, he saw the suspect staring down the barrel of Dylan DeBoard’s pistol.

Cpl. Michael Wheeler of Ohio’s Mt. Vernon Police Department owes his life to a brave civilian who stepped forward with a drawn gun.

Wheeler said he was being attacked by a homeless man who later acknowledged to officers that he was high on crystal meth. Knocked to the ground and fighting to subdue the “very irritated and out of sorts” attacker, Wheeler ended up on his back with the man straddling him.

“I’ve never been in that situation before,” the 14-year department veteran told Wednesday. “I’ve always been able to take control of a situation.”

Earlier this week, Wheeler was able to reward Dylan DeBoard, the man who saved him, with the city’s Citizen’s Award of Valor. Every day, he remembers that day last year when things could have turned out far, far worse.

He often stops by DeBoard’s home, Wheeler said, just to say thanks. “Every time I see him I let him know how much I appreciate what he did.”

On that day last year, Wheeler’s shoulder microphone had been ripped off in the tussle, so he couldn’t call for back-up. And then the man started going for Wheeler’s gun. And that’s when Wheeler began to think he was running out of options.

“I pulled him in close to me to try to restrict his range of motion,” Wheeler said. But the suspect just kept “trying to reach my belt.”

And right about then, the man sat back and put his hands up. Wheeler wondered ‘What the …?’

He lifted his head and looked in the direction the man was staring. There stood another man, with a gun.

After DeBoard announced that he was a concealed carrier, Cpl. Wheeler flipped the drug abuser off him and cuffed him. Wheeler credits Deboard for saving his life.

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This Concealed Carrier Saved An Officer Under Attack

Breaking: Columbus SWAT Capture Man Who Attempted Ambush Of Officers

Here we go again.

Shots were fired in Columbus, Ohio last night in another apparent attempt to ambush police officers.

A large section of Columbus, Ohio was under lockdown last night after police were shot at by a man with a rifle.  The police were responding to a call about shots fired near Columbus circle.  When they arrived at scene, they came under fire.  Police cordoned off a large section of town, including a long stretch of Cleveland Avenue.

Police assigned a SWAT team and a helicopter to aid in the search.  Later, a man in an SUV was identified as a suspect, which led to a standoff .  During the standoff, the suspect threw what turned out to be a hoax bomb.  His SUV was blocked in by police.

1 ohio

Based upon reports for various media sources, the would-be cop-killer appears to have randomly fired shots into local businesses and vehicles to lure police into the area, and then engaged officers as they arrived on the scene. Fortunately for the responding officers, the suspect was unable to make any hits.

He then fled the scene, but was soon spotted and boxed in by three police armored cars and SWAT  officers behind a heavy wheeled shield.

2 ohio

The suspect surrendered after a lengthy standoff and was taken into custody.

3 ohio

We’ll update this story as we have more information.

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Breaking: Columbus SWAT Capture Man Who Attempted Ambush Of Officers

Be Extra Careful About Identity Theft During a Move

Identity theft rates are on the rise, so you should always be vigilant of the threat, and that means taking the necessary steps to protect yourself. As author Adam Levin points out, you should be especially careful to secure your personal information during a big move.

Adam Levin is the author of Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves. He explains that it’s important to be extra mindful about personal information during a move since there’s typically a lot of paperwork and mail involved.

Always make sure the federal agencies that send mail to you know where you live. A short list of places you will want to inform of any changes would include the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Next, you will want to make sure you forward your mail from your old address, but also be proactive and directly contact people and organizations that regularly send you mail. Letter carriers are not perfect, and you get substitutes on routes that can cause forwards to be ignored. Not only that, but the forwarding period generally ends after a year (it’s typically only good for 60 days on periodicals), and then your replacement in the old homestead will be getting your mail, or it will be left in a public space if you live in an apartment building.

Again, it’s important to keep your info secure all the time, but this is a useful reminder to make sure you notify all banks, credit card companies, bill providers, etc. of your address change and keep an eye on any regular mail. Over at, Levin lists some common entities that should be notified. Check it out at the link below.

Moving: A Dangerous Time for Your Identity |

Photo by GotCredit.

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Be Extra Careful About Identity Theft During a Move

The US Army is deploying smart earplugs that block out loud noises and enhance quiet ones

TCAPS – that’s Tactical Communication and Protective System – are a sort of combo connected earplug/hearing aid currently being deployed by the US Army to both reduce hearing loss from explosive sounds and enhance perception of quiet tones.

The system, currently priced at a (perhaps unsurprisingly) lofty $2,000, is designed to address the problem of hearing loss in the military, one of the most widely reported disabilities among veterans. The issue has been attributed, in part, to soldiers’ unwillingness to wear traditional foam earplugs for fear of missing commands and enemy sounds.

The smartphone-connected TCAPS both block out loud sounds like explosions and gunfire, and are capable of enhancing whispers. The systems come in a variety of sizes and shapes for different ear canals and can by charged via solar, standard outlets and even vehicle batteries.

At present, the Army has issued 20,000 of the devices.

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The US Army is deploying smart earplugs that block out loud noises and enhance quiet ones

Orange-grape pills may lower blood sugar

Orange-grape pills may lower blood sugar

Overweight people who took a capsule for eight weeks that contained two compounds found in red grapes and oranges saw improvements in blood sugar levels and artery function, researchers report.

“This is an incredibly exciting development and could have a massive impact on our ability to treat these diseases,” says Paul Thornalley, a professor in systems biology at the University of Warwick Medical School. “As well as helping to treat diabetes and heart disease, it could defuse the obesity time bomb.”

When participants received both compounds—trans-resveratrol (tRES) in red grapes and hesperetin (HESP) in oranges—at pharmaceutical doses, the compounds acted in tandem to decrease blood glucose, improve the action of insulin, and boost the health of arteries.

“As well as helping to treat diabetes and heart disease, it could defuse the obesity time bomb.”

After eight weeks on the treatment, researchers noted an improvement in insulin resistance in trial participants that was similar to improvements seen six months after bariatric surgery.

The compounds work by increasing a protein called glyoxalase 1 (Glo1) in the body that neutralizes a damaging sugar-derived compound called methylglyoxal (MG).

For the study, researchers increased Glo1 expression in cell culture and then tested the formulation in a randomized, placebo-controlled crossover clinical trial.

Thirty-two overweight and obese people between the ages of 18 and 80 age who had a BMI between 25 to 40 took part in the trial. They were given the supplement in capsule form once a day for eight weeks. They were asked to maintain their usual diet and their food intake was monitored via a dietary questionnaire. They were also asked not to alter their daily physical activity.

Changes to their sugar levels were assessed by blood samples, artery health measured by artery wall flexibility, and other assessments by analysis of blood markers.

The team found that the highly overweight subjects who had BMIs of more than 27.5 with treatment displayed increased Glo1 activity, decreased glucose levels, improved working of insulin, improved artery function, and decreased blood vessel inflammation. There was no effect for those taking the placebo.

“Obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are at epidemic levels in westernized countries,” Thornalley says. “As exciting as our breakthrough is, it is important to stress that physical activity, diet, other lifestyle factors, and current treatments should be adhered to.”

Although the same compounds are found naturally in some fruits, the amounts and type required to see the same effects cannot be obtained by eating more fruit. Pharmaceutical doses could be administered in capsule form.

Innovate UK funded the work, which appears in the journal Diabetes.

Source: University of Warwick

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Orange-grape pills may lower blood sugar

Interesting Animation Explains How Airplanes Are Able to Fly

Interesting Animation Explains How Airplanes Are Able to Fly

Drag. Thrust. Lift. Jet engines. Propellers. Wings. This animation breaks down just exactly how an airplane flies and it’s pretty damn interesting. Each design element of the plane basically solves a law of physics and is part of the reason how an airplane can fly.

Take the shape of a wing, it produces lift from its slightly inclined and special airfoil shape. The airfoil shape of a wing deflects more air at the bottom of the wing, so when its running down a runway, for example, higher pressure and more upward force is produced below the wing vs the lower pressure and less downward force above the wing. This creates lift. Which makes flying a lot easier.

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Interesting Animation Explains How Airplanes Are Able to Fly