50 Game of Thrones Memes That Will Crack You Up

The wait is almost over for Game of Thrones fans. Come April 14, the eighth and final season of the show will finally be released and our two-year wait will finally be rewarded… probably with all the characters except Bran Stark dying because <spoilers>. There’s no doubt that it’s going to be dark, bloody, and even more incestuous than ever before. Oddly enough, Game of Thrones memes is the complete opposite of the show.

Outside the show exists a fandom of darkly humorous geeks (us). They have created their own funny fanfiction in the form of cropped photos and the impact font to make us all preoccupied while waiting for each season of the show.

How Will Game of Thrones End?

Of course, Game of Thrones is not without its innate funny moments, especially when certain characters are on-screen:

There’s also that one time The Hound laid his life down the line for some chickens:

And of course, Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, Saver of Tyrion, The Blower of the Wildfire, Walking joke encyclopedia:

Still, you’d be surprised at the creativity of some people in their Game of Thrones memes. Some of them are downright witty and most remind us why we all love the show. So, without further ado, here are some funny Game of Thrones memes– sorry, the funniest Game of Thrones memes this side of Westeros.

50. Syrio Forel A man would have been so proud…

49. What’s the difference? He died there anyway…

48. All that commitment just to get stabbed over a watch…

47. Let me tell you the story of Littlefinger…

46. Novice time travelers be like…

45. Bran please, priorities…

44. It was that during that day when Robb underestimated the power of plot armor…

43. We almost forgot about Rickon Stark, the Expendable

42. Ser Davos Seaworth, Lord of Introductions…

41. Jon Snow, Knower of Nothing

40. Shhh, he’s uhh… warging or something…

39. Arya took all the XP, sorry Sansa…

38. I heard the Night’s Watch bachelor party was cool– ice cold even, literally…

37. Jon Snuuuu…

36. Error 404, bleached hair not found…

35. I swear, he was more laid back when he was with Ygritte…

34. A man always speaks in third person…

33.  What was this guy’s name again? Groot?

32. Will it also die after fulfilling its life’s purpose?

31. A man has no honor…

30. Would you rather be: Alive but without genitals? Or dead with burned genitals?

29. I swear if you forget to add Dragon Queen, I’m not leaving a tip…



28. At least Theon doesn’t need a hand…

27. Uh, dwarf jokes are so PETTY..

26. Fame or Shame? Oh right, she had no choice…

25. A castle with Elsa from Frozen nonetheless…

24. Oh, no she di-int…

23. Too softcore, not enough for HBO…

22. The math checks out…

21. The show just keeps getting more and more incesting…

20. Interesting family tree, nothing is twice removed…

19. Must be nice having a White Walker as a brother-in-law…

18. Lannisters, they keep things simple…

17. How about paintings of stones and pillars instead?

16. Cersei.exe has encountered a critical error, terminate everyone in Westeros?

15. You cannot fix what’s not broken, silly Jaime…

14. Of course, Targaryens would know a lot about DNA and RNA, they’ve shared the same one for generations…

13. When bae trades you for a hotter redhead…

12. Not nice Jon, kicking a man while he’s down…

11. Well, here’s one thing Bran Stark got right…

10. Ser Jorah Mormont, Lord of the Friendzone, Begger of the Khaleesi, the Unrequited

9. We assure you, we’re not being mean to him…

8. No, really, that’s just how he is in the show…

7. Khaleesi please, you’re breaking his heart…

6. How ’bout a taste of your own medicine Dany?

5. Jaime “Cersei is life, sister is wife” Lannister…

4. Single mom, ideal date should be willing to babysit dragons…

3. A man of few words, will also hold the door for you…


2. Make Astapor Great Again…

1. I can only imagine his laughter right now…

That last part? Half-a-joke at this point… that’s a definite maybe. Oh, here are some honorable mentions if videos are more your speed:

Here’s a good old classic from Bad Lip Reading:

Last but not least, though you probably already saw this one if you’re a fan of Family Guy, pretty much sums up the whole fandom:

Anyway, those are the best Game of Thrones memes. More will surely come (along with more character deaths) once Game of Thrones Season 8 gets released on April 14 on HBO.

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50 Game of Thrones Memes That Will Crack You Up

The Most Loved and Most Disliked Programming Languages Revealed in Stack Overflow Survey

angel’o’sphere shares a report: The annual Stack Overflow survey is one of the most comprehensive snapshots of how programmers work, with this year’s poll being taken by almost 90,000 developers across the globe. This year’s survey details which languages developers enjoy using, which are associated with the best paid jobs, which are most commonly used, as well as developers’ preferred frameworks, databases, and integrated development environments. Python’s versatility continues to fuel its rise through Stack Overflow’s rankings for the "most popular" languages, which lists the languages most widely used by developers. This year’s survey finds Python to be the fastest-growing major programming language, with Python edging out Android and enterprise workhorse Java to become the fourth most commonly used language. […] More importantly for developers, this popularity overlaps with demand for the language, with Julia Silge, data scientist at Stack Overflow, saying that jobs data gathered by Stack Overflow also shows Python to be one of the most in-demand languages sought by employers. […] Rust may not have as many users as Python or JavaScript but it has earned a lot of affection from those who use it. For the fourth year running, the language tops Stack Overflow’s list of "most-loved" languages, which means the proportion of Rust developers who want to continue working with it is larger than that of any other language.[…] Go stands out as a language that is well paid, while also being sought after and where developers report high levels of job satisfaction. Full report here.

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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The Most Loved and Most Disliked Programming Languages Revealed in Stack Overflow Survey

Everything You Wanted To Know About Building A Shipping Container Home

As makers, we have a tendency to escalate our vision. Each project idea seems to get a little more complex, a little more grandiose in scale. Ben Uyeda of Homemade modern is no different. We’ve followed along for years as he and his friends have constructed various cleverly designed pieces of furniture and home based projects on homemade modern, but recently he’s published a massive project that dwarfs all the others in scale. This project is so massive, it got its very own channel to house it, the modern home project. Ben has set out to build and thoroughly document building a home from shipping containers in the desert of Joshua Tree.


Shipping container homes have been around for quite some time. What Ben is doing in terms of construction isn’t necessarily new. However, his thorough documentation seems to be where the value lies. Ben pointed out that he had considered a shipping container home for a long time but had never seemed to find a useful compendium of all he needed to know (remember, Ben has a background in doing architectural projects, before getting into making videos on youtube!). He set out to remedy this reference issue by creating his own version.

As you follow along you’ll learn everything you would need to know to build a container home in the same geographical area as him. It would, of course, be impossible to say that you would learn everything you’d need to know to build anywhere because regional building codes can be not only different, but even contradictory, but with that in mind, this is a very good start.

There are currently only 3 videos published on this project, but there are more on the way. Even though I never intend to build a shipping container home, I have found this to be thoroughly entertaining and educational. I’m looking forward to more on this series and have actually found a few bits of information that I think could assist me in upgrades I’d like to make to my workshop.

Ben will be speaking about this project at the upcoming Maker Faire Bay Area, so make sure to get tickets and come listen and ask questions!


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Everything You Wanted To Know About Building A Shipping Container Home

Pyro Creations 3 in 1 Trigger Cannon

Pyro Creations 3 in 1 Trigger Cannon

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Pyro Creations 3 In 1 Trigger Cannon (1)

I learned about this cool little Pyro Creations device from a TAOFLEDERMAUS video. This is a miniature cannon that fires muzzle loaded projectiles powered by breech loaded 209 shotgun primers. The reason it is called 3 in 1 is that it can be equipped with one of the three barrels of .17, .22 or .30 caliber.

Pyro Creations 3 In 1 Trigger Cannon (2)

In order to load the Trigger Cannon, you need to unscrew the barrel, pull the tail of the striker until the pinhole is exposed and place the safety/trigger pin into the hole, load the projectile of the proper caliber, load the shotgun primer and thread the loaded barrel back into the main body of the cannon. Now your artillery piece is ready to send some lead downrange. All you need is to pull the safety pin out.

Pyro Creations 3 In 1 Trigger Cannon (1)

Below you can find the mentioned TAOFLEDERMAUS video, where you can see how the Trigger Cannon works and learn about what the shells fired from this nano gun are capable of.

The elevation of the cannon can be fixed by tightening the two hex screws holding the cannon to the bed. There is also a hole drilled in the base of the bed that will allow you to attach the Trigger Cannon to a board via a wood screw.

Pyro Creations 3 In 1 Trigger Cannon (2)

Here is also a video found on Pyro Creations website.

Now, bear in mind that this cute little cannon is not a toy and you should apply the firearm safety rules to this micro artillery piece, too.

The Pyro Creations 3 in 1 Trigger Cannon comes with black or silver barrel color options and red, blue, black or gun metal colored beds. It is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $49.99. It comes standard with a .22 caliber barrel and a ramrod. The .17 and .30 caliber barrels are sold separately at a price of $14.95 each or $23.95 for the set of two barrels.

Images from www.pyrocreations.com

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Pyro Creations 3 in 1 Trigger Cannon

So you want to make your own hot sauce

FeaturesStories from The Takeout about food, drink, and how we live.  

I love hot sauce. I use it on almost every meal: pho, sandwiches, pizza, nachos. As Ethel so kindly states in a Frank’s Red Hot commercial, “I put that shit on everything.” I’ve got about a dozen bottles in my fridge, each with their own distinct flavors and heat levels.

I’m also an avid home cook. One of my goals this year is to cook through an entire cookbook, Alton Brown’s EveryDayCook Cookbook, and I’ve even been compiling recipes for my own family cookbook over the past couple years. But combining my love of hot sauce and cooking—making my own hot sauce—never crossed my mind, for some reason. Maybe I always saw it as a store-bought condiment, not a recipe? Who knows. I figured I’d try it out and see how bad I could mess it up. Turns out, it’s much easier than I thought.

I grew up in a family of chefs. My mom doesn’t even look at recipes to make delicious food—a skill I’m slowly learning—and my dad worked as a chef in the Army on his first tour of duty. So it’s in my blood to see a meal and try to figure out all the moving parts. This, however, can lead to me overthinking meals, making them seem more complicated than they are. I always looked at hot sauce bottles and thought “Just five or six ingredients? Must be a complicated process.” It might be for some of the more advanced recipes, but for a basic hot sauce, it’s not.

What do I need to start?

A recipe, first and foremost. I perused r/hotsauce and was led to a recipe on r/hotsaucerecipes. I wanted something simple. Nomzai presented the perfect option. This was an early crack at hot sauce so I didn’t want to get too fancy with fermentation and give myself botulism or something.

You’ll need vinegar, which forms the base of most sauces. You’ll need salt. And obviously, you’ll need peppers. The most time-consuming ingredient was sautéed garlic, which says a lot about how easy the recipe is—simply throw everything into a blender and whazz it up. Beyond that, it’s all in the recipe or in your imagination. Hot sauces can be changed by more than just pepper choices. Some sauces, like Rick Bayless’ habanero sauce, uses apple cider vinegar. Tropical sauces are typically full of pineapple, mango, and even bananas.

All you need to get started with DIY hot sauce
Photo: Benjamin Dashley

Do I really need gloves?


If you’ve never experienced pepper burns before, they’re plainly terrible. In my experience, there’s no blister or even reddened skin, but it’ll hurt for a few hours at least. Even jalapeños can leave a stinging sensation on your hands for the rest of the day.

The recipe I used included habanero peppers, at least 10 times hotter than jalapeños according to the Scoville scale, so I wasn’t about to mess around without some protection. And please, for your sake and mine, keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, ears or any other sensitive part of your body until you wash your hands with dish soap. Even if you used gloves.

Won’t my sauce go bad?

The more acidic your sauce is, the longer it’ll ward off bacteria, mold, and other organisms that can make you sick. Vinegar is acidic, about 2.4 on the pH scale. Peppers are acidic. The sauce I made was full of citrus—grapefruit, lime, and orange—so that’s even more acid. So if I wanted to, I’m sure I could keep the sauce for a few weeks or longer. That said, I’m quite skittish about getting sick from food after a bout of food poisoning last year (I can still barely look at shakshuka), so I’m more than happy to devour the sauce in a week or two.

As a middling homebrewer, I know the importance of keeping all your vessels clean. It wouldn’t hurt to run the container you plan to use through the dishwasher. At the very least, use some strong dish soap and clean it by hand. Or, if you’ve got some in a cabinet somewhere, mix up a StarSan solution and dip the vessel in there.

All this said, if you start seeing some growth happening in the bottle or jar you’re using, just toss it. New bottles are cheap and it’s not worth the risk unless you really know what you’re doing.

What are the best peppers to use?

This is entirely up to you. I’m a big fan of the heat level and fruity flavors of habanero peppers, so I used a handful of those. Habaneros are also cheap. They go for about $5 a pound at my local market and I used less than a quarter pound of them to make this sauce.

If you like smokier sauces, go to your local Mexican market and grab some dried peppers. Smaller peppers tend to work best in the blender. I used chile de arbol for this recipe and they beefed up the spice, color, and smoky quality of the sauce in a lovely way. Just make sure you reconstitute the dried peppers by placing them in hot water for a half hour or so. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a plume of pepper powder flying out of your blender.

If you’re like me and want to limit the spiciness of your first sauce, don’t be afraid to use a few sweet peppers. They brightened up the sauce I made, in terms of both flavor and visuals.

Photo: pioneer111 (iStock)

What would I change?

My only regret with this sauce is that it’s runnier than the rest of the sauces in my fridge. A lot of hot sauce companies use xanthan gum to thicken their products (Brooklyn’s Heatonist shop famously doesn’t sell sauces with xanthan gum, if you’re looking for such a thing), but I didn’t want to mess with an ingredient I didn’t know much about on my first try.

Looking back, I’d have kept more pulp from the citrus fruits I used and I’d have run the blender about half as much. I’m sure I could have used less juice from the orange, grapefruit and limes, but I really enjoy the tropical flavors they give. I’d also love to play around with ground cumin or cayenne next time. Luckily, the basics of hot-sauce making are inexpensive and low-stakes.

Procedurally, I also would not have opened the blender right after mixing it and taken a big whiff. I basically pepper-sprayed myself (fun fact: I did that with the real stuff when I was 3 or 4 years old). Be patient and give it a second to settle before inhaling.

What are the best resources?

I’m a grateful member of r/hotsauce, and I find a lot of recipes on there and other hot sauce related subreddits, but the best resource for me is hot sauce itself. Figure out what flavors you enjoy—I want to add cumin and cayenne—which peppers your favorite sauces are made from—I’m trying scotch bonnets next—and use your imagination to create new flavors and new experiences.

Keep everything clean and keep your hands away from your face, trust yourself, and figure out what you like. I didn’t get everything perfect my first time, but I learned for the next attempt. And I certainly realized how easy it is to get started.

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So you want to make your own hot sauce

Ruger Introduces Stainless Ruger American Rimfires

Stainless Ruger American Rimfires (Ruger)

One for the rimfire lovers, Ruger have introduced four new target models to their Ruger American rimfire line. The new rifles are available in .22LR .22WMR and .17HMR, they have 416 stainless steel barrels and receivers and Black Laminate target stocks. And like Ruger’s other American Rimfires, they have the Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger.

Here’s Ruger’s press release on the new rimfires:

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) proudly introduces four new Target models to the Ruger American® Rimfire family. Constructed from stainless steel for superior aesthetics and corrosion resistance, all four rifles live up to Ruger’s reputation for accuracy and rugged reliability.

Each of these new rifles feature a satin, 416 stainless steel barrel, bolt and receiver. The 18″ cold hammer-forged barrel is finished with a 1/2″-28 threaded muzzle and an 11-degree target crown. The contrasting black thread protector, bolt release and one-piece scope base compliment the Target model’s hallmark black laminate stock.

Stainless Ruger American Rimfires (Ruger)

Three of these new models boast an attractive target stock with an Alexander Henry forend which helps to stabilize the rifle when shooting from sticks. This stock also features a metal trigger guard, rubber buttpad and front and rear swivel studs for easy attachment of bipod or sling. This configuration is available in .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR caliber offerings.

The fourth addition to the family is chambered in .22 LR and features a classic target thumbhole stock with a generous cutout, symmetrical grip and broad comb for superb comfort and control. A flat forend, front and rear swivel studs, metal trigger guard and rubber buttpad with 1/4″ and 1/2″ length of pull spacers installed complete the package.

Like all Ruger American Rimfire rifles, these new models include the Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ trigger, proven Power Bedding® system and detachable rotary magazine, which collectively provide superior accuracy, function and reliability.

The new Ruger American Rimfires have MSRPs of between $529 and $579. Find out more about them here.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews.

Learn more about how this works


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Ruger Introduces Stainless Ruger American Rimfires