A Course on MySQL Backups

I’ve written a short course on MySQL backups. It’s really a MySQL backup starter kit, giving you the basics of what you need to make sure your system is protected. The real gem in this course is XtraBackup, which is a tool that allows you to backup your MySQL server without blocking other transactions. You see, MySQL doesn’t have that out of the box. You have to spend a bunch of money with Oracle to get that otherwise. Hot backups are pretty necessary if you care about uptime, so I’m excited about XtraBackup.
Here are the topics I cover:
Simple backups
Even though XtraBackup is a great tool, no MySQL user’s knowledge would be complete without knowing how to take a mysqldump. Simple backups are just useful for moving data from server to server, or perhaps migrating your data to, say, PostgreSQL.
Disaster Recovery Plans
Okay, so this isn’t the sexiest topic, but a plan for what to do during a disaster is a great investment. Trust me, you will have a disaster, even if you’re a small shop (Go here, Ctrl+f for MySQL). You need a plan and you need to try it out at least once. Give me twenty minutes and I’ll save you heartache.
This is the big gun. Learn how to use the most powerful MySQL backup tool so you can have a site without any downtime. If you don’t know about this tool, you’re missing out. This is a lifesaver for MySQL users.
Testing backups
Although it’s almost as boring as a recovery plan, you must test your backups. Get tips on how to do that with speed and with confidence. I know that if something’s hard or it’s confusing, people will just avoid doing it. Let me clear that up and get you going.
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Want to see how Facebook, Imgur, and Pinterest do their backups? Take my 4-week course on MySQL backups. You’ll learn backup basics and how to protect your system from the most dangerous threats. Then you’ll learn how the big boys do their backups.
In just a few lessons, you’ll know to backup your system like a pro.
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A Course on MySQL Backups