Developing modern applications using MySQL seminar

I recently completed a four country tour of Baltic Sea countries presenting this seminar series at:
Helsinki, Finland on Wednesday August 20.
Stockholm, Sweden on Thursday August 21.
Riga, Lavtia on Tuesday August 26.
Talinn, Estonia on Wednesday August 27.
This seminar of four presentations provided a detailed review of the essential lifecycle components for developing a successful software application and offered a checklist for your company to review the design, development, deployment and support practices of your MySQL business applications. Presentations included:
NOTE: More detailed posts which include detailed links will be released soon.
Effective MySQL Architecture and Design Practices
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Correctly designing a MySQL architecture has a huge impact on the growth of your system for future needs. This presentation covered some key business and technology decisions that should be asked and discussed before building a MySQL based system.
Effective Software Development with MySQL
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While the MySQL RDBMS is essential for storing your information, how your application interacts with applicable business logic is what makes each company in unique. Ensuring the practices of your developers can deliver reliable and maintainable systems cost effectively is important for success.
Upcoming MySQL features for modern applications
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Are you running a legacy version of MySQL that is no longer supported?  Oracle has provided three versions since purchasing Sun Microsystems in 2010.  This presentation discusses the current and upcoming features of the various MySQL versions and provide insights into why these new features are important for developing modern applications.
Effective Web Site Operations
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It is very important for companies to be able to support and manage your MySQL installation and related technology stack.  This presentation included being prepared for handling software, OS or dependency upgrades. Ensuring the right backup and recovery procedures and correct testing and verification to avoid common pitfalls. Monitoring, alerting and instrumentation options.
MySQL Overview
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This overview of MySQL provided a background of the history, ecosystem, current community and commercial products available. Acknowledgements
A special thank you to all the organizers and sponsors that made each of these events possible. It takes a lot of work for organizers and event locations to enable attendees to get the best event possible.
Heli Helskyaho, EMEA Oracle User Group President
Petri Koistinen from the Finland MySQL Users Group
Solinor. Sponsor and host for Finland event.
Olle Nilsson and Thomas Johansson from the Sweden MySQL Users Group and Ted Wennmark from Oracle Sweden.
B3IT. Sponsor and host for Sweden event.
Andrejs Vorobjovs from the Oracle Users Group Latvia
BDA. Sponsor and host for Latvia event. BCACC our beer sponsor for after event
Ilmar Kerm from the Oracle Users Group Estonia
TransferWise. Sponsor and host for Estonia event.
Vikka Lira – Oracle ACE Program
via Planet MySQL
Developing modern applications using MySQL seminar