Shooting the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow from Crosman

We noted the Pioneer Airbow’s introduction when it was announced before SHOT. Crossman calls it a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) airbow but its bullpup-like design makes it compact and easily maneuverable (though at seven pounds, it runs a little heavier than your average AR). I wouldn’t want to be a hog or a doe on the receiving end of one.

I had a chance to fire the thing last week in Montana.

RF may not have been a fan of its aesthetics, but this thing is two tons o’ fun to shoot. It’s also dead-on-balls accurate. I was shooting at 30 yards or so. The Pioneer packs 3000 PSI which gets you 8-10 full-power shots at a whopping 450 feet per second, giving it more range and making it a lot easier to charge than a crossbow.

At about $850, each one ships with three arrows, a standard 6×40 scope, sling and quiver. If you get a chance to try one, take it.

via The Truth About Guns
Shooting the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow from Crosman