Talk Show Host Gives Stern Warning Following Orlando

Talk show host and shock jock Howard Stern wasn’t holding back yesterday when he took to the show with his response to politicians and anti-gun groups call for gun control in the wake of Sunday’s deadly Orlando shooting.

Stern kicked off his pro-gun rant with,  “I can’t believe these people would come out afterward and their answer to Orlando is to take away guns from the public. It’s f***ing mind blowing to me!”

“The sheepdogs are protecting you, but some of them can’t be with you all day. There’s not a sheepdog for every citizen, and a wolf is still eating one of you every night. ‘Baaaaaaaa, oh I know, let’s remove all the guns from the sheep.’ What?”

Stern, a proud New Yorker, also called out gun free zones and referenced 9/11 in a poignant analogy.

“The wolves are always planning. They’ll use boxcutters. They’ll use an airplane fly it right into a building. They don’t need AR-15s.”

“I’m going to tell you about the most gun-free zone on the planet: it happened during 9/11, it was on a plane. You know you can’t get a gun on a plane, it’s completely gun-free.”

“So what did the wolves do? They said, ‘This is great, we’ll just kill the sheep with box-cutters.’ They went on the plane with box-cutters, and all the sheep went ‘Baaaaaaaaaa!”

“Now if there had been an air marshal on that plane, a whole f***ing other thing would have went down. There wouldn’t be no 9/11.”

The talk show host also took a jab at the politicians looking to disarm citizens.

“I don’t like violence, I don’t like any of this stuff, but I consider myself a sheep. Most of your politicians have private security, so they’re OK. Those are sheep that are very well protected. You, on the other hand, are a sitting duck.”

Stern even used the segment to lament on how history could have been much different for Jews had they not been stripped of their guns.

“Can you imagine if the Jews, at least when the Nazis were banging on the doors, if they had a couple of pistols and AR-15s to fight the Nazis? If Anne Frank’s father had a f***ing gun, maybe he at least could have taken a few Nazis out.”

The segment also featured calls from pro- and anti-gun callers:

00:00:10 Sheep Analogy (Dogs, Wolves)
00:09:05 Caller Jeff – Green Beret (pro gun)
00:13:50 Ralph calls in (anti-gun) Howard Nazi analogy
00:19:38 “In my dreamworld, every gay bar is full of people armed to the teeth..”

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Talk Show Host Gives Stern Warning Following Orlando