LEGO Voltron: Legendary Defender Robot and Bust Concepts

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Last April, LEGO Ideas member len_d69 lit up the Internet with their concept for a Lion Force Voltron LEGO set. The viral concept has since reached the 10,000 votes needed for LEGO to seriously consider making it an official set. But len_d69 isn’t done yet. They’ve recently submitted two more Voltron sets, this time based on Voltron: Legendary Defender. The first one is just like the classic set, five lions that can be combined to form a super robot. I think this one’s not as well done as len_d69’s concept for the original Voltron set – I don’t think it captures the new mecha’s streamlined and curvy build. It’s still a good MOC though!

On the other hand, I can get behind len_d69’s concept for a Voltron: Legendary Defender bust. It has swappable jaw pieces so you can display it as the Black Lion’s head or as Voltron’s head. In Black Lion mode, the jaw can open and turn into an entrance, just like in the series. It also has a cockpit on top that fits minifigs, and should ideally come with a Shiro minifig. You can vote for the concepts on LEGO Ideas, or check out more shots of the prototypes on len_d69’s Facebook page.

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LEGO Voltron: Legendary Defender Robot and Bust Concepts