Short Film Travels Through Time to Show How ‘Gun-Free’ Zones Fail

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“No killer is going to walk away because a little sign says he can’t bring a firearm inside,” says Praesidium writer Paul Myzia on the short film’s Indigogo page. Myzia is the Warrenville, Illinois cinematographer behind Reel Clef Studios

Praesidium, which is defined as a standing executive committee in a communist country, focuses on the fact that while we cannot change the past, we can help save our future by eliminating ‘gun-free’ zones that only serve to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Nothing drives a point home like experience. Our government is deceiving its citizens to think they are safer with stricter gun laws.

This is absolutely false.

By allowing something as simple as a little sign that says “no guns allowed”, we are giving up our freedom, and in a growing number of cases – our lives. The idiocy of the idea that a killer will see that sign, and turn around and leave is just absurd. These signs only tell a killer that nobody inside is armed or dangerous, and every citizen just becomes easy prey. This film shows exactly that – no verbal message necessary. It will spark conversation, debate – it will be controversial. But no one who watches it will be able to deny the truth that the only thing that saves a life in these situations – is a law-abiding citizen able to defend them-self and others with a firearm, concealed or not.

Myzia’s short film features a man trying to prevent the murder of a woman he loves by using a watch capable of sending him through time. When going back and plastering the scene with gun-free signs fails, he tries leaving a gun for her to use for self defense.

Watch Myzia’s film here and let us know what you think: does this short film hit it’s mark?

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Short Film Travels Through Time to Show How ‘Gun-Free’ Zones Fail