Kylo Ren Loses It While Watching the Rogue One Trailer

You’d think Kylo Ren would be happy to see his grandfather once again on the big screen, but that’s not the case in his latest reaction video to the new Rogue One trailer.

The video was created by the Auralnauts over on YouTube, who already have riffed on our misunderstood villain in other videos. So far, the group has done a pretty good job, perfectly merging Adam Driver’s deadpan delivery in both the actual Star Wars film and in his Undercover Boss turn from Saturday Night Live earlier this year.

Ren focuses on what you’d expect—the Death Star (“this is what power looks like. Angles, and spheres, and… windows.”), Donnie Yen, who strikes well with a large stick, and the battle at Hoth.

Of course, when we get the Darth Vader cameo, he goes a bit ballistic, but in typical Kylo Ren fashion. It’s what you’d expect, but it’s still a fun time. It at least shows off my favorite interpretation of Kylo, which highlights his awkwardness of being in a leader position and his bottling up of feelings.

[One Perfect Shot]

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Kylo Ren Loses It While Watching the Rogue One Trailer