Liberty University Takes “Run-Hide-Fight” To The Next Level

“Run-Hide-Fight” is the current active shooter (I hate that term, and will use the more accurate “random mass murderer” from here on) response plan for civilians promoted by the Department of Homeland Security.

As you might expect from a federal government organization, fighting with a real weapon isn’t on DHS’s list of responses.

Unlike most colleges in the United States, Liberty University learned from the security failures of Virginia Tech, and instituted campus carry for faculty, staff, and students after that horrific massacre.

Unlike any other “Run-Hide-Fight” video in existence, this video from the Liberty University Police Department incorporates procedures that explain how the police want concealed carriers on campus to respond to a random mass murderer.

It’s an eye-opening video worth watching all the way through, and it’s encouraging that the LUPD has so thoroughly though the probability that if a random mass murderer does attack their school, that officers may encounter multiple concealed carriers before, during, and after engaging the random mass murderer. They have a plan and procedures to deal with armed people, and they won’t immediately start shooting at an armed person unless that person is acting as a threat.

I wish other law enforcement agencies (campus police or not) were as well trained.

It’s worth noting that as a private university, Liberty is free to make policy as they see fit, and they have clearly gone above and beyond what you can expect from most college and university law enforcement agencies.

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Liberty University Takes “Run-Hide-Fight” To The Next Level