Netflix’s New “Slow TV” Shows are Meditative and Chill

If you really want a little chill with your Netflix, the service just added a bunch of “slow TV” shows, things like long train rides through the countryside, relaxing views of canal rides, crackling fireplaces, quiet video of people knitting, and so on. They’re all things you can put on in the background while you work, focus, or just relax.

“Slow TV,” as Kottke describes here is just the airing of a completely ordinary event from start to finish (much like our own Facebook Live “Lunchtime Views” series.) Here’s what you can tune into if you’re looking for something maybe a little ASMR, or maybe just super chill and not-at-all-attention grabbing:

National Firewood Evening
National Firewood Morning
National Firewood Night
National Knitting Evening
National Knitting Morning
National Knitting Night
Northern Passage
Northern Railway
Salmon Fishing
The Telemark Canal
Train Ride Bergen to Oslo

If you’re noticing a Scandinavian thrust to some of these, it’s intentional—a lot of these programs really caught on in Norway, so that’s where Netflix is getting them from. Some of them aren’t exactly the same end-to-end shows that were originally aired, if you’re familiar with them, but they’re enough to help you relax a little after a long day. Hit the link below to read a bit more about them.

Slow TV comes to Netflix | Kottke

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Netflix’s New “Slow TV” Shows are Meditative and Chill