Episode 405 Scott Adams: The State of the Union


  • Dems and the media have turned “border security” into “racism”
    • Strategic move, but traps them…we still need border security
  • Second chances, prison reform and the First Step Act
  • Van Jones is correct, about President Trump and immigrant crime
    • It comes across as racist, need to tweak the message
  • Do illegal immigrants report crimes against them?
    • How could we possibly know the true crime rate?
  • CNN knows that Charlottesville was fake news, guaranteed
    • At least some of their hosts still are still pushing that hoax
  • Probably fake news that Trump Organization hired illegals
    • Almost certainly, they confirmed ID of job applicants
  • The Costa Rica strategy, good, well planned economy
    • Great resorts and jobs for people in tourism
    • (not a joke) Waiters in Costa Rica went to college for that
    • Their economy is focused on technology and tourism
  • Jussie Smollet’s story…95% likely it was fabricated
  • Stacie Abrams and the Democrat SOTU rebuttal
    • …I remember absolutely nothing about what she said
  • AOC had a bad night
    • She seemed petty and small
    • But we’re still talking about her, so she wins in that regard
  • Will America become a socialist country?

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Episode 405 Scott Adams: The State of the Union