7 Ultimate Typing Games If You Want to Type Really Fast


Learning to type quickly and accurately is an essential skill. Whether you are learning for the first time, upgrading to touch typing or an alternate keyboard layout, repetition is key to improvement. But repetition with practice can feel like a drag.

Let’s face it—playing games is way more fun. So we went out and picked seven excellent typing games that will challenge you.

Why Should You Play These Typing Games?

There are numerous websites and pieces of software to help improve your keyboard skills. Many of them employ game mechanics, but can’t claim to be computer games. Many typing games are lacking in content and do not give a satisfying experience when compared to mainstream games—but there are exceptions.

This article will focus on fully fledged games that feature typing. Some are speed typing games, others are word games requiring fast keyboard skills, and there are even some arty indie typing experiences.

1. Typefighters

Typefighters multiplayer typing game

Singleplayer: Yes (Play against A.I.)

Multiplayer: LAN and Online

By far the most traditional typing game on this list, Typefighters takes a well-worn idea and does it well. While there are several modes to choose from, the general gameplay stays the same.

Type the words on the screen faster than your AI or real life opponent to gain points. Whoever reaches a certain point cap or who is scoring highest when the time is up wins.

This game is pure typing. You can even navigate the menus by typing, which feels incredibly satisfying for those who know keyboard shortcuts for everything!

Multiple modes can be played against friends online and over LAN. What this game provides in comparison to standard typing instruction software is game feel. Every keystroke has a satisfying sound, and completion of words shakes the text and the screen giving excellent user feedback.

Available on Steam: Typefighters

2. God Of Word

God Of Word - Wordplay Adventure

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: Online

God Of Word is a wordplay and typing game of epic proportions. You play a young actor, tasked with recreating famous battles of history for the gods of Olympus. Weapons, potions, and upgrades are all essential to progress. But without quick wits and fast fingers you won’t get far!

The core gameplay consists of word scramble puzzles, along with speed typing challenges to defeat groups of enemies. Each boss (a computer controlled enemy) brings a mechanic that needs more impressive wordplay and tactics. The campaign plays out over 5 acts, with two endless modes.

The multiplayer mode allows online play against friends or other strangers and comes with a separate upgrade system to customize your character.

Available on Steam: God Of Word

3. The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: No

Do you like Bullet Hell games, horror movie themes, and adult humor? The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is all of these things, along with being an incredibly challenging typing game. You play the titular role, a self-styled exorcist/detective tasked with investigating a string on strange possession cases.

Each battle consists of dodging vast numbers of enemy attacks while typing the words required to banish each demon. Failing to avoid attacks causes you to drop your prayer book, and you can’t continue the incantation until it is retrieved. The game is challenging from the get-go, and the ramp up to “full on bullet hell while typing Latin” is severe. Be prepared for a challenge.

Fantastic pixel artwork and pumping electronic soundtrack add to the experience. The story is incredibly dark yet comical, and this game is most certainly NSFW! Nevertheless, this is one of the most original typing games ever created, and a must for any quick-fingered gamer.

Available on Steam: The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

4. The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill

Typing of the Dead: Overkill

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: Local Co-op

We couldn’t make a list like this without including The Typing Of The Dead. It was one of the most unusual arcade games ever devised. A near direct adaption of the popular House Of The Dead 2 from Sega, the arcade cabinets shuns guns for computer keyboards.

In-game, the characters also had keyboards (with rucksack mounted computers no less), and gun-play is replaced with typing at speed to stop the invading hordes. A mixture of quick-fire words, and (sometimes bizarre) phrases need constant vigilance to avoid getting eaten.

While the original release is now hard to run, Sega released a modern addition in 2013 in the form of The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill. The newer version retains the original’s gameplay but updates the graphics for modern hardware. There is plenty of content to keep you busy after the primary campaign, with cheap DLC bundles which add to the base game.

Available on Steam: The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill

5. Secret of Qwerty

Secret Of Qwerty

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: No

Lovers of all things retro will find plenty to like about Secret of Qwerty. This loving indie recreation of old school RPGs (right down to the dodgy translation of dialogue) has a crucial difference. You guessed it—typing replaces standard combat.

Like the much-loved adventure RPGs of old, you must explore a fantasy world, clear dungeons, and survive random encounters. Each battle rewards the player with XP and Gold which can be used to buy more powerful items to help you on your quest to defeat an evil wizard arch enemy. This game is a nod to much adored old games, and at a “Pay What You Like” cost, is worth your time.

Available on Itch.io: Secret of Qwerty

6. Monologue

Monologue - Browser Typing Game

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: No

Monologue is the only browser game on this list, and what it lacks in game depth it makes up for in charm and humor. You play as the antagonist who has placed their foe in the path of an oncoming train. Rush to finish your victory speech before they escape! You must type your speech correctly, as any mistake knocks you back to the start of the current word, thus wasting precious time.

Fun but straightforward graphics, jaunty old west music, and the mumbles and coughs of the player character complement the hilarious randomly generated speech. Monologue was an entry in the 2015 Train Game Jam and is free to play online.

Available at Itch.io: Monologue

7. Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: No

There are few typing games which can boast gorgeous 3d graphics, a story, voice acting, and puzzle-based gameplay. In this third-person RPG, you play as a girl riding a three-tailed fox through a series of beautifully Origami-like stylized worlds. All interaction happens by typing words. The game adapts to your typing speed as you clear enemies and environmental elements.

The player gathers XP through exploration, trials with waves of enemies, and memory puzzles which also unlock new areas. You can buy new skills with experience points that grant movement speed increases and aids to combat. A particularly nice touch comes in the form of languages you cannot speak until a skill is learned.

The game adds harder words if your going is too easy. This game also supports alternate keyboard layouts including AZERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak. If you are looking for a full game experience in a typing game, Epistory – Typing Chronicles is one of the strongest contenders around.

Available on Steam: Epistory – Typing Chronicles

A Twist on the Usual Touch Typing Games

Good typing games can seem to be thin on the ground. But there are some great examples out there. Mixing games into your practice will improve your typing skills. And a good routine always reinforces good habits, and a good mechanical keyboard while not essential really improves the typing experience.

Of course, you need to learn those good habits in the first place, and learning the proper touch typing technique is just as important as its practice.

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7 Ultimate Typing Games If You Want to Type Really Fast