Build Your Own Glock Series with TFB

The Firearm Blog has partnered with Lone Wolf Distributors to bring you a series on building your own Glock. Buying an 80% receiver is not new to the gun industry. Glocks are the rage, why not build one the way YOU want it? Get yourself a hot gat, and loose that Fudd factory gun. Get that sweet trigger in there, and pay no attention to the factory fanboys. (Factory purest click here)

I looked at my Gen 2 Glock 21 and figured she is probably ready to retire to safe queen status, therefore, clearly time for my next Glock. I already own a (cough) number of Glocks, but I decided this has to be a hot gat. Rather than paying top dollar for a pimped out Glock, I want to build exactly what I want the way I want.

Taking an 80% receiver is perfectly legal, and surprisingly common. I know of a retired military operator who has built a half dozen and working on another. In this series, I will be building my pimped out        Glock 19. RMR ready and eventually suppressed.

So dear reader hit that link below, visit Lone Wolf, get yourself an 80% receiver and join us for this surprisingly easy adventure in building yourself a Glock. If it is for a Glock, these guys have it.

Everything you will ever need for your Glock. Check them out.

 What You Will Need

  • 80% polymer Frame Kit (here) Lone Wolf will also supply you with a “completion kit” that will throw in everything you need for the lower (see here)
  • Slide
  • Slide completion kit (see here)
  • Barrel
  • Drill Press

The 80% frame will arrive in the jig you will use to remove the material to bring the frame to 100%. It also ships with the drill bits required. I will go over all of this in the series, step by step.

Next addition I will briefly address the legality, as I sat down with an ATF agent before I started. A very cool guy who helped me out with pitfalls people run into. Then I will start creating my new sweet non-factory Glock.

I know there a lot of you who have already built up an 80% frame. What do you think? How was your experience? Let us know below


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Build Your Own Glock Series with TFB