Picard Has a Dog Now

Jean-Luc Picard is back, and this time he’s got a cape on.
Photo: CBS

Jean-Luc Picard has been through some shit by the time we re-meet him in Star Trek: Picard. He’s left Starfleet, retired to a life of making wine and mourning his regrets. Whatever is a man to do when he’s going through some stuff? Get a dog, of course.

Patrick Stewart has just dropped a brand new poster for Picard, just ahead of the show—alongside Discovery and the upcoming animated series Lower Decks—heading to San Diego Comic-Con next week. It’s got everything you could want: Vineyards! Casks of Chateau Picard! Patrick Stewart in a rustic space cape! It’s got…a dog!

Yes, Jean-Luc has picked himself up a pup in the years between Nemesis and Star Trek: Picard, and he’s even given it a Starfleet command delta as a tag. Which is very cute! It’s also made cuter by the real-life fact that Stewart himself has long been an advocate for fostering dogs, championing rescue services through his social media accounts, mainly in the form of the best use of social media around: pictures of Patrick Stewart overjoyed by the presence of tiny little puppers:

Adorable. So are the dogs.

Carrying that personal connection over to Jean-Luc—aside from the connotations of Picard getting himself a dog to help deal with the traumas he’s faced—is a lovely touch, and speaks to the deep involvement Stewart himself has had in the return of one of his most beloved roles.

Just please, I know Jean-Luc’s going through things in this show but…don’t John Wick that pup, CBS. Please. I couldn’t bear to watch Picard go through that. We’ll bring you more on Picard as we learn it.

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Picard Has a Dog Now