A new tool for self-taught developers (sponsor)

A new tool for self-taught developers (sponsor)

Being a self-taught developer often means learning as you go, but also needing to write solid code on a timeline.

AnyMod is a new service with hundreds of ready-to-use modules (“mods”) that act as a fast starting point for your work: CMS, themes, forms, marketing sections, and more. You can add mods to any site (any tech stack) and they work automatically.

Mods make your work easier by being:

  • Fast: A page full of mods can load in about 20ms
  • Automatic: CMS & forms work without any extra setup, etc.
  • Pre-styled: already responsive and nice-looking, with dozens of free themes
  • Easy to modify: you can edit code and content directly, with live reload across all your screens
  • Easy to add: add mods to your site by copy/pasting one line of HTML

All of this means you can build really quickly, whether you’re adding features (like CMS) to static client sites, or integrating with React, Vue and whatever else you’re using.

AnyMod is also a great resource for continuing to learn.  Because all mods are open source, you can pop open the code editor and start messing around with a mod to see how it works. Mods are generally very well-written, so you might learn a thing or two.

The live reload is also just really cool: when you change a mod, it instantly updates everywhere you’re viewing it. No additional configuration is needed, and it makes for an extremely fast workflow.

If you’re a self-taught developer looking to continue learning and complete projects quickly with a lot of polish, consider checking out AnyMod.  It’s free to use and has a great community of self-taught devs building and sharing mods:

Check it out at anymod.com


Many thanks to AnyMod via Syndicate Ads for sponsoring the site this week.

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A new tool for self-taught developers (sponsor)