Laravel Fireable Attributes


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An elegant way to trigger events based on attributes changes.


Install package through Composer

$ composer require envant/fireable


  1. Add the FireableAttributes trait to your model
  2. Define the attributes with specified events via the protected $fireableAttributes property on the model


Let’s say we need to trigger specified events when specific model attributes are updated.

For example, you need to notify user when he gets an "approved" status. Instead of observing model’s "dirty" attributes and firing events manually we could do it more elegantly by assigning specified events to attributes or even certain values of attributes.

class User extends Authenticatable {  use FireableAttributes;   protected $fireableAttributes = [  'status' => [  'approved' => UserApproved::class,  'rejected' => UserRejected::class,  ],  ]; }

Also you may not need to track certain values, so you can assign an event directly to an attribute itself. So, in the example below, each time the user’s email is changed, the appropriate event will be fired.

class User extends Authenticatable {  use FireableAttributes;   protected $fireableAttributes = [  'email' => EmailUpdated::class,  ]; }

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Laravel Fireable Attributes