A Laravel package to retrieve visitors’ information

Laravel Visitor

this is a laravel package to extract and access visitors’ information such as browser, ip, device and etc.

in this package, you can recognize online users and determine if a user is online or not


via composer

composer require shetabit/visitor


If you are using Laravel 5.5 or higher then you don’t need to add the provider and alias.

# In your providers array. 'providers' => [  ...  Shetabit\Visitor\Provider\VisitorServiceProvider::class, ],  # In your aliases array. 'aliases' => [  ...  'Visitor' => Shetabit\Visitor\Facade\Visitor::class, ],

then, run the below commands to publish migrations and create tables

php artisan vendor:publish php artisan migrate

How to use

you can access to visitor's information using $request->visitor() in your controllers , and you can access to the visitor’s information using visitor() helper function any where.

we have the below methods to retrieve a visitor’s information:

  • device : device’s name
  • platform : platform’s name
  • browser : browser’s name
  • languages : langauge’s name
  • ip : client’s ip
  • request : the whole request inputs
  • useragent : the whole useragent
  • isOnline : determines if current (or given) user is online
$request->visitor()->browser(); // firefox $request->visitor()->visit($post); // create log for post $request->visitor()->setVisitor($user)->visit($post); // create a log wich says $user has visited $post

Store Logs

you can create logs using the visit method like the below

visitor()->visit(); // create a visit log

use Shetabit\Visitor\Traits\Visitable trait in your models, then you can save visit’s log for your models like the below

// or you can save log like the below visitor()->visit($model); // or like the below $model->createVisitLog();  // you can say which user has visited the given $model $model->createVisitLog($user); // or like the below visitor()->setVisitor($user)->visit($model); 

model views can be loaded using visits relation. you can count model visits like the below


use Shetabit\Visitor\Traits\Visitor in your User class, then you can run below codes

$user->visit(); // create a visit log $user->visit($model); // create a log which says, $user has visited $model

Retrieve and Determine Online users

use Shetabit\Visitor\Traits\Visitor in your User class at first.

then you can retrieve online users which are instance of User class and determine if a user is online.

visitor()->onlineVisitors(User::class); // returns collection of online users User::online()->get(); // another way  visitor()->isOnline($user); // determines if the given user is online $user->isOnline(); // another way

Automatic logging

your application can store visitor’s log automatically using LogVisits middleware.

add the Shetabit\Visitor\Middlewares\LogVisits middleware if you want to save logs automatically.

the middleware will store logs for models which has binded in router (router model binding) and has used Shetabit\Visitor\Traits\Visitable trait.

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A Laravel package to retrieve visitors’ information