CRAFTABLE – admin panel & CRUD generator for Laravel 6

Modern UI

Craftable provides a responsive UI based on Bootstrap 4 and CoreUI

CRUD generator

Quickly scaffold an administration CRUD based on your existing database structure

Laravel 6 (LTS)

Add to your existing Laravel 6 project or create a new one using Craftable installer

Auth module

Authentication, Forgot password, Remember me, Activation, My profile & User CRUD

Translation manager

Search & manage all localized static text (even with only one language)

Media Library

Associate media with Eloquent models using nice drag’n’drop media uploader

Permissions & Roles

Attach permissions and/or roles to Users and authorize the actions


Make your Eloquent translatable and localize all of your content to the defined languages


Craftable comes with straightforward, up-to-date documentation

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CRAFTABLE – admin panel & CRUD generator for Laravel 6