A Continuous Roll of Surebonder Hot Glue Sticks?

A Continuous Roll of Surebonder Hot Glue Sticks?


Surebonder 5ft Hot Glue Stick Roll in use

Did you know that you can buy your glue sticks on a roll? Sure you can find glue sticks in 6″, 10″, and even 15″ lengths, but what if you need even more than that? That’s where Surebonder’s glue rolls come in.

No longer do you have to stop and waste time loading glue sticks. These clear glue rolls work in low, high, and dual temperature glue guns and are made in the USA.

The glue rolls come in four options:

  • RM-5 mini-size 5 ft. roll ~$4-5
  • RR-5 full-size 5 ft. roll ~$8-9
  • RM-188 mini-size 188 ft. roll ~$37
  • RR-77 full-size 77 ft. roll ~$36-38
Surebonder 77ft Hot Glue Stick Roll in box

I’ve found two reliable retailers online selling the glue rolls: Amazon and Walmart. Their prices don’t exactly match the list price. For example at Amazon the 5 ft standard roll is way more expensive at almost $9. Walmart is more reasonable at $4 (plus shipping). Both retailers sell the 77 foot standard roll for around $36.

Buy Now via Amazon
Buy Now: 5ft roll via Walmart
Buy Now: 77ft roll via Walmart


This seems like an obscure product to post, but I’m of two minds about it’s usefulness and thought I’d ask our readers for their opinion.

When I first saw it, I thought: “hey, that’s a pretty good idea!” After thinking about it for a while I thought: “that would have very limited practical use.”

My opinion was turning away from: “this is a good idea,” until I thought, “wait a minute, you don’t have to drag around the whole roll, you can cut it to any length you want.”

I’ve used several types of glue sticks: the minis, which seem to run out way to fast, the short standard size sticks which also see to run out too fast, and the longer 15″ sticks that seem to be about right. Still there are times where it would be nice not to run out in the middle of using the glue gun, so I could see where cutting off a 2 or 3 foot piece would be very handy.

What uses can you think of for a long length glue roll?


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January 8, 2020 at 10:11AM