Alyssa Milano, please shut the heck up.

Alyssa Milano, please shut the heck up.

Once again our dear Sliding Into Oblivion Actress Alyssa Milano shows why Hollywood treat their women as disposable furniture:

That was yesterday and it would not have been so bad in her quest for the ultimate Trump Hate Tweet if it wasn’t because rather than trying to spend millions retrofitting buildings not designed to be hospitals, the president had announced 2 days earlier that the USNS Comfort was to be deployed to New York City and it is arriving next Monday.

That is a 1,000 bed hospital with all the goodies of a modern land-based brethren and staffed with 956 fully trained Navy hospital personnel.  And if that was not enough, it just finished having a full retrofit so basically what you have is a fully ready hospital that will start taking care of sick New Yorkers once it is anchor is dropped and the lines tied.

If Alyssa Milano wants to do something useful in this time of quarantine, she should do livestreaming strip teases and pole dancing in PornHub and have people send the dollar “tips” to their local homeless shelter. Other than that, she is pretty useless.




March 26, 2020 at 08:14PM