Laravel Cashier 11

Laravel Cashier 11

Laravel Cashier 11

Six years ago Laravel Cashier was released just before Laracon with the goal of being an easy to use subscription billing system that ties directly into Stripe. Since then Cashier has continued to get a lot of nice upgrades and this week the Laravel team released a brand new version, Cashier v11, that introduces support for Stripe’s Multiplan Subscriptions and a new Tax Rates feature.

The Multiplan subscriptions allow you to assign multiple billing plans to a single subscription. This is useful if you allow up-sales or secondary features. Then the new Tax Rates feature allows you to apply a tax rate on a model-by-model basis, which could be helpful if your customers span multiple countries or tax zones.

With the release of V11, some of the requirements have also changed and these include:

  • PHP version v7.2+
  • Laravel v6.0+
  • Stripe SDK v7.0+

It also requires some new migrations and you should follow the upgrade guide for complete details.

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April 9, 2020 at 08:38AM