Ruger’s New PC Charger

Ruger’s New PC Charger

In keeping with the current firearms market rage over pistol carbine type guns, Ruger has introduced the innovative new PC Charger. This provides shooters with another exciting option for everyday carry, a truck gun, or for home or personal defense.

The PC Charger is a handheld pistol with an AR type pistol grip and a large magazine well for offhand gripping with a hand stop up front at the muzzle. Though the PC is a handgun, it’s not exactly compact with a threaded 6.5-inch barrel and overall length of 16.5 inches . It is considered a pistol for all legal aspects. The PC’s weight is 5.2 pounds.

Chambered for the street standard 9mm Luger, the PC comes from the factory ready to handle proprietary Ruger magazines, but can be converted with included parts to switch it over to use Glock magazines. This is a handy feature for sure. The Ruger Security 9 magazine holds 17 rounds, enough to start a good shooting round at the range or ward off any threat at home or on the road.

This PC pistol has the capability to take down by locking back the bolt and pushing a recessed lever, allowing the two sections to be twisted until they release and pull apart. One can quickly imagine the utility of being able to take this firearm apart into two subassemblies for easy carry and secure carry or storage.

The PC has a blue finish with the handguard assembly finished in a Type III hard coat anodized finish for tough wear durability and resistance to outdoor elements. The handguard is equipped with M-LOK slots in the 3-6 and 9 o’clock positions. This provides a number of options for adding accessories. The top rail has a built in Picatinny section for mounting a variety of optic options.

The Ruger PC Charger’s chassis is constructed of a glass filled polymer. The rear portion of the frame has an integrated QD cup to allow a quick connection of a QD cup sling. This would permit a single point sling attachment for shoulder carry in a variety of modes. Other features and specifications can be seen at

Some may inquire or question as to what the utility is of such a weapon as the PC Charger. That of course is up to the users themselves. Certainly this firearm can fit roles in personal defense, property security, travel security, or just plain and simple shooting fun. Check with your local firearms dealer to see when they expect the PC Charger to be available. It retails at $799.

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April 23, 2020 at 11:33AM