These Hilarious Star Trek Videos Turn Bloopers Into Canon

These Hilarious Star Trek Videos Turn Bloopers Into Canon

Worf and Riker.
Image: CBS

Boy, there sure was a lot more high-fiving on the Enterprise than I remember.

Star Trek: The Next Generation was, for all its goofiness, played relatively straight. It was a serious sort of show, even if absurd things sometimes happened. It did not, as a rule, have a lot of gags. Star Trek INtakes by YouTuber Ryan’s Edits changes that, and in the process renders Star Trek’s vibe absolutely absurd. The idea, so far as I can tell, is a simple one: edit outtakes together with the actual episode footage.

This simple idea has incredible results, as normal Star Trek moments turn absurd, surreal, and incredibly funny. I laughed harder at these videos than I have at just about anything lately. There are a handful in a playlist on the Ryan’s Edits channel. The most recent one, featuring Worf and Riker, is one of the best.

The video is titled “Something’s Wrong With Worf”, but, really, it’s Riker I’m most concerned about here. Where’s he going? Is somebody going to stop him? All the videos have this quality, creating a sort of silly alternate universe, entirely chaotic version of the show. I don’t really think CBS should do an absurd art-house comedy version of Star Trek, but, based on this, I’m pretty confident that if they did I would watch it.

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April 11, 2020 at 06:12PM