Watch the 2019 State of the Union address here (or not)

It’s that time again — time to hear what kind of state our precious union is in. For those of you inclined to watch the temporarily delayed speech by the President, you can of course watch it in a bar and invent your own drinking game, but you can also stay home and watch it on YouTube or C-SPAN. The drinks are cheaper — and stronger.

Of course C-SPAN will have it raw, and the White House stream will probably also be a plain one. But if you want a bit of partisan spice and occasional pull quotes along the bottom, many networks are also doing live YouTube coverage. There’s a list here; pick your poison. The broadcast starts at 6 PM Pacific time. 9 for you East coasters, of course.

Here’s the PBS stream if you want to just dip in right now. It’s live now and should be fairly straightforward:

Cord cutter? If you have a smart TV or a gadget that makes your TV smart, hop onto the YouTube app or any of the major networks and you should find a link there. You could also try to get the networks via your local channels, but why?

Honestly if you don’t particularly want to watch, and I don’t blame you, it’s going to be pretty tough to avoid. Twitter will be a mess, or more so than usual; News sites will be all SOTU quotes and fact checks; YouTube will be full of snips and clips and horrible comments; Reddit and the rest of the social web will be overrun.

Your best bet is to turn on airplane mode for a little bit and sit quietly and read. Doesn’t that sound nice?

via TechCrunch
Watch the 2019 State of the Union address here (or not)