Laravel PWA

Offline Mode

PWA would also respond even if you are disconnected from the internet connection. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses that have a catalog, where the user doesn’t need to reload it again and again to view it.

No update required

Some traditional app requires a manual update over a wi-fi connection which consumes lots of data and further increases the cost to the customer. Laravel eCommerce PWA doesn’t have this problem.

Less Storage Usage

Compared to any traditional app, the cost of using Laravel eCommerce PWA is very low for the customer. Laravel eCommerce PWA doesn’t require any significant storage and performs better on their smartphones.

Instant Loading

When the user adds PWA on the home screen, with the help of the service worker it loads instantly. FOR 3G connection, It takes 2.5 sec to load for the first visit and 7.1 sec to fully load the page. It takes 0.8 sec for the second visit.


PWA provides HTTPS secure solutions which allow the browser to maintain some level of server encryption. This adds to the benefit of PWA as it operates only through HTTPS to prevent the common man-in-middle attack.

Easy Social Sharing

On PWA, you can easily share the products on your favourite social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc amongst your friends and relatives to get their views. The feature is also equipped to work in offline mode too.

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Laravel PWA