Laravel Tables Schema

Laravel Schema

This is a simple package to generate schema files for your database tables.

For an example, the standard users table in a new laravel application will generate a file named users.schema.json that contains the contents below.

{ "name": "users", "schema": { "id": "bigint", "name": "string", "email": "string", "email_verified_at": "datetime", "password": "string", "remember_token": "string", "created_at": "datetime", "updated_at": "datetime" } }


composer require wyattcast44/laravelschema


  1. Schema files will be regenerated anytime you run migrations

  2. You can manually trigger a build by running the command below

php artisan schema:generate


You can publish the config file using the command below

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="WyattCast44\LaravelSchema\LaravelSchemaServiceProvider"

Once you have published the config file you can customize:

  • where the files will be generated, the default location is in database\schemas
  • the file extension, the default is .schema.json
  • you add any tables you would like to ignore


Have you ever needed to know what fields a certain table contains… so you open up the create migration for that table? The problem is the more migrations you have the better chance that the schema for that table has changed.

You are left with two options, go through every migration file (?), or open up a database GUI (?).

I wanted a quick way to see the current table columns and data-types in my code editor, this is how this package was born. I hope you might find it useful as well 🙂

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Laravel Tables Schema