Glock 44: In-Depth Review of Glock’s First .22 LR on TFBTV

Glock 44: In-Depth Review of Glock’s First .22 LR on TFBTV

In this episode of TFBTV, @James Reeves brings you a FULL REVIEW of the NEW Glock 44 direct from the Glock Factory in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. Here’s the complete rundown and range session.

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See also this FAQ shamelessly lifted from TFB Editor Pete’s article on the G44 @

The GLOCK G44 is designed to mimic a full powered combat handgun while shooting a low recoil, inexpensive round that allows for an increased amount of training time. All without sacrificing functionality. These features in a real defensive pistol represent the holy grail for new shooters, trainees and anyone else looking for an enjoyable shooting experience.

Q: What’s a good G44 size comparison?

A: It’s a compact handgun. The G44 is indistinguishable in size from a Gen 5 G19.

Q: What is the G44 slide made of?

A. The G44 Slide is a hybrid steel polymer design (steel rails, polymer slide body).

Q. What is the GLOCK 44 magazine capacity?

A. These two G44’s use 10 round magazines, although there have been whispers of possible 15 round magazines in the future.

Q. Are there GLOCK 44 threaded barrel versions available?

A. Factory G44 threaded barrels will be available on the commercial launch date.

Q. GLOCK 44 ammunition recommendations?

A. While standard and high velocity ammunition might be somewhat preferable, outside of some ammo with manufacturing irregularities (velocity fluctuations) most quality ammo runs great in the G44.

Q. What does the GLOCK 44 trigger feel like?

A. The G44 trigger feels exactly like a Gen 5 G19.

Q. Tell me about the GLOCK 44 disassembly process.

A. The G44 field strips for cleaning and maintenance like any other commercially available GLOCK pistol.

Q. What GLOCK G44 holster and magazine carrier options are available?

A. Any holster or carrier designed for the Gen 5 G19 will work with the G44.

Q. What GLOCK G44 light and laser combinations are currently available.

A. Any weaponlight or laser designed to work with current accessory rail-equipped GLOCK pistols will work on the GLOCK 44.

Q. How much does the GLOCK G44 cost?

A. At the time of this writing, the unconfirmed MSRP of the G44 is $400 USD.

Q. What about GLOCK G44 sights?

A. The GLOCK 44 comes standard with basic polymer sights but can use any sights designed for the Gen 5 G19 pistols.

Q. What is the official GLOCK G44 website?


Q. Where is the GLOCK G44 manufactured?

A. The GLOCK 44 is made at GLOCK USA headquarters and factory in Smyrna, Georgia.

Q. What about a GLOCK G44 manual safety?

A. No, the GLOCK 44 uses the same Safe Action features found on their centerfire firearms.


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