Scrum Poster Walkthrough

Scrum Poster Walkthrough

Earlier this year, I released the complimentary Scrum Poster with the goal to give Scrum Teams around the world a medium to see the Scrum Guide in visual form. Beside the guide itself, many text documents and presentations have flooded the various platforms and I felt a picture can express so much more. I also felt transparency was best supported by shipping the actual paper version so show support of Scrum in a team area. Beside the initial intend of making the rules, artifacts, events and roles visible, the poster became a learning tool in recent months during my Scrum classroom trainings. The poster triggered conversations among students, very often during breaks, that might otherwise been missed. We also began using the poster during Retrospectives and released a retrospective technique, called Scrum Value Pairs that makes use of the poster as well as the icons of the scrum values.

Today, I am releasing a very short 5-Min video, that aims to provide a quick walkthrough of the poster hitting the events, artifacts and roles within Scrum. A red dot symbolizes a you are here orientation while I am talking about the framework. I hope that this voice over video will provide an additional learning tool for everyone new to Scrum, or for teams that would like to watch an animated walkthrough alongside with the poster. 


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December 16, 2019 at 07:27AM