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We always hear the gun-grabbers say, “More gun restrictions will reduce crime.” We remind them that the exact opposite is true. The truth is when more good people are prevented from defending themselves due to restrictive and unconstitutional gun laws; it puts them in a vulnerable position.

Not only are good people put in a vulnerable position because they can’t defend themselves and their families, but criminals are also given the upper hand. Bad guys who want to do harm are emboldened by the fact that their potential victims can no longer defend themselves. This is why gun-free zones are the most popular spot for violent attacks.

A new study by the Center for Justice Research determined that in the year following Ohio’s constitutional carry going into effect, crime involving firearms dropped by as much as 22%. How could that be? The anti-gunners are always telling us that we need more gun laws to reduce violent crime.

The study focused on firearms-related crimes from June 2021 to June 2023. This included the year before and after the constitutional carry law went into effect. As it turns out, Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Parma, Canton, and Toledo became much safer when residents were not restricted from protecting themselves in public with guns. This study corresponds with the Kleck / Gertz: Armed Resistance to Crime study that showed us there are up to 2.5m defensive gun uses (DGU) per year in America. It also reminds us that just because there are guns in the hands of good people and crime is stopped, as a result, it does not mean bad guys are getting killed. Because of the extensive work John Lott and others have done in this area, we now know that in approximately 95% of DGUs, a trigger is never pulled; Just the mere presence of a good gun is enough to stop a bad guy.

The rise in public safety due to responsible citizens carrying firearms led to such a notable improvement in Ohio that the State’s Attorney General officially announced this positive development on X.

Despite this study and many others like it, groups like Mom’s Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, and the Gifford’s group continue to spread, anti-gun propaganda in support of more gun restrictions. It would seem they are much more interested in gun control for political purposes than actually saving lives.

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Dan Wos
Dan Wos

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